Congratulations are in order for these eight TpT milestone achievers! This inspiring and talented crew has a rich list of resources to share. You’ll find unique ELA and math activities, GATE lessons, an introduction to Shakespeare, and more! You can find even more milestone treasures this week in our sensational September Milestones: Part 2, featuring nine more milestone achievers offering early primary grade resources. Congratulations, everyone!

Let’s Hear it for 8 Sensational September Milestones



1. Way to go, Heidi Van Natter and Emily Stephenson of Utah’s Second Story Window

Try their: 3rd Grade Common Core Morning Work

Their tip: “Mornings go more smoothly when students know exactly what they need to do as soon they arrive at school. We use morning work to engage students immediately in meaningful practice that reviews grade level ELA and math standards in a predictable format. While students are busy with their morning work, the teacher is free to handle the beginning-of-the-day housekeeping tasks.”



2. Keeping it real in Illinois, Elissa Kruse is Keep Calm and Teach

Try her: Reading Log Set of 12 Skills and Strategies: summarize, infer, genre, predict…

Her tip: “Whether you’re teaching a reading strategy for the first time or revisiting one, it’s important to remember that the ultimate goal is for students to think about and respond to their reading. That’s when comprehension happens. These reading logs focus on 12 different reading skills and strategies, and two versions of each are included. These logs can be used in shared reading, guided reading, independent reading, in literacy centers, or as homework. Students are held accountable and are encouraged to use these skills and strategies on their own.”



3. Nicely done, Nancy Hughes from Kansas

Try her: Functions

Their tip: “The activities/games/task cards in this product are great for using with whole class, small group, re-teaching, flipped classroom, RtI, or simply a way for students to visualize the beauty of math in different ways and understand multiple strategies to problems.”



4. Congrats to Colorado’s Mark Steven Hess — Portable Gifted and Talented

Try his: Gifted and Talented GATE Social Emotional Collection 143 Pages!

His tip: “Gifted and talented resource teachers know it’s difficult to find great curriculum for GATE students, and it’s even more difficult to find lessons that address the social-emotional aspects of giftedness. Use these ready-made lessons to address issues like perfectionism and some of the ‘Eight Great Gripes of Gifted Kids.’ You’ll be ready to begin meeting the needs of your students today!”



5. Kudos to Kimberly Wasylyk of Ohio — she’s The Math Station

Try her: BUNDLE Fractions and Decimals Math Stations for Common Core Sixth Grade

Her tip: “I do station rotations at the end of every unit. My students love the opportunity to work in groups, and I love to watch them self-start and problem solve without my directing their every move! This is a great bundle of station activities for fractions and decimals aligned to the CCSS for 6th grade math.”



6. Incredible job Angie Ido, otherwise known as Ms Ido

Try her: Common Core Substitute Binder – Fourth (4th) Grade

Her tip: “I love printing this at the beginning of the year, putting it in a binder, and knowing that I will NEVER be writing sub plans in my pajamas again! This is also available for 3rd and 5th grade!”



7. Great work, Kelly Gionti from New York, NY − she runs KLGionti

Try her: Shakespeare’s Life, Times, and Theatre Introductory PowerPoint

Her tip: “It’s important to make the place and time period you’re studying come alive. Display pictures you’ve taken on your own travels, like the ones taken in London and Stratford-Upon-Avon in my introductory Shakespeare PowerPoint, to help students connect with the subject matter. If you don’t have your own pictures, find them online to use on a bulletin board or a photo display. With this, you’ll have engaged students and nice- looking bulletin boards!”



8. Florida’s Shannon Moyer is The Teaching Reef

Try Her: Word Wrestlers {A Prefix, Suffix, and Root Words Resource}

Her tip: “This resource is HUGE, and it provides endless opportunities to incorporate word study into your daily instruction. One of the ways that I like to use this resource is through the teacher word lists and graphic organizers. I first use the teacher word list to plan out the words I’d like to use in my instruction (whole group or small group). This list has many words to choose from, so it makes planning a lot quicker and easier. Then  I choose an organizer I want my students to practice with. These two resources alone are enough in themselves to plan a lesson, but once you check out this resource, you’ll see there is so much more offered to you.”


Simply amazing! Be sure to see who else hit a TpT milestone this week in Sensational September Milestones: Part 2. And follow us on Facebook to discover more resources from milestone achievers!