Many fabulous secondary Sellers have united to create four FREE eBooks full of resources for middle and high school classrooms. These fantastic creations cover a broad range of subject areas; ELA, humanities, science, and math. You’ll find interactive notebooks, graphic organizers, labs, worksheets, games, substitute plans, sample lessons, and lots lots more!

Teacher-Author Literary Sheri proudly says, “I would characterize the secondary Teacher-Author community on TpT as cream-of-the-crop, spark-plug teachers who are creating the best resources available in any marketplace today for middle and high school students and who enthusiastically network, collaborate, encourage, and support one another in a way that’s rarely seen in open marketplaces! That’s why you’ll find 30 Teacher-Authors in each eBook who all create resources for the same discipline and grade levels! If I don’t have a resource you can use, I’m more than happy to direct you to a Teacher-Author who does because it’s all about providing secondary teachers and students with engaging resources that truly ignite active and meaningful learning!”

ELA eBook, grades 6-12

ELA eBookThe Daring English Teacher, Teacher-Author and ELA eBook contributor, has this to say: “My ‘QUOTE IT!’ lesson includes materials that help students properly embed and cite quotations into their writing. The checklist helps students determine if they’re quoting it correctly!” Mrs Spangler in the Middle is also featuring a fabulous resource. She adds, “Writing with PROS: How to write an Informative/Explanatory Essay is a resource that focuses on the organization of informative/explanatory essays and explains how to write those essays based on text. It’s laid out in a ‘chunked’ fashion so that you can go through the process step-by-step with examples, Cornell notes, and foldables all along the way.”

Humanities eBook, grades 6-12

Humanities eBookThe Social Studies Emporium offers a great resource and tip in the Humanities eBook: “Take a look at my Political Cartoon Analysis Sheets! I love them, and they help my students so much! After doing these, analyzing cartoons and other primary sources becomes second-nature.” Art with Jenny K also contributed to this great compilation: “Grid portrait lessons are a terrific way to integrate art into any classroom curriculum. Students can draw and learn about a famous person at the same time! Introduce students to grid portraits while celebrating Rosa Parks.” Check out many sensational Humanities-themed resources right here.

 Science eBook, grades 6-12

Science eBook

Take a look at some sensational resources in this Science eBook. For starters, Biology Roots is sharing, “a whole smorgasbord of cell activities for interactive notebooks and comparing cell types ‘snip n’ flip’.” Diary of a Mad Scientist, another contributing Teacher-Author, adds, “Writing is so important for all subject areas, so I’ve created a series of writing prompts to promote critical thinking about science topics.” Another great resource in this book comes from Science Rocks who showcases her 3 Hole Bottle Inquiry Experiment. She says, “This experiment is great for the beginning of the year in your scientific method unit. It hits inquiry, reasoning, writing, and collaboration.” You’ll have a great time exploring these resources and so much more!

Math eBook, grades 6-12

Math eBookMary Carr, one of the terrific Teacher-Authors featured in the Math eBook, has this to say: “I like to incorporate real-world examples into my math lessons, and I believe it’s important to teach students to be good stewards of the earth. My Environmental Math lessons, including one on water conservation, combine ecology lessons with math skills.” Common Core Carrie also has a terrific resource to share: “My cardboard pizza circle lesson is part of my Pi Day activities. Using a cardboard circle, students create a pi day design, take notes, and explore various topics related to pi.” Check out the “number” of creations feature right here.


Wow! So many incredible resources, straight from the hands of sensational, secondary Teacher-Authors. Have fun exploring this crop of creations, and consider incorporating some of these fresh ideas into your classroom today!