We’ve got lots of amazing resources designed to make your back-to-school time as seamless as possible. Be sure to check out a paper plate activity designed to help deepen understanding of how degrees and coordinates relate to form circles, self-checking math skills practice, scientific method, science fair resources and so much more! And be sure to nab some colorful pencil labels to help personalize your classroom, too.

Unit Circle Paper Plate Activity by Kacie Travis


“This free guide will assist teachers in teaching the unit circle without memorization. By doing this activity, students will have a deep understanding of how degrees, coordinates, special right triangles, and the circumference of a circle all relate to form the unit circle.” It’s Free!







Back to School- Teaching Classroom Procedures PowerPoint by Kacie Travis


“Strong, well-taught, and assessed procedures are key to a smooth year. Students need them as much as the teacher. This PowerPoint is aimed at teaching middle through high school students your classroom procedures in a fun, yet concise way.”







Algebra Coloring Activities MEGA Bundle by Algebra Accents


“Algebra Accents Coloring Activities provide math students with self-checking skills practice that is fun and engaging to increase on-task student behavior and provide teachers with a way to quickly assess student understanding.”








Solving Inequalities Coloring Activity by Algebra Accents


“Solving Inequalities Coloring Activity provides Algebra students with 18 self-checking practice problems through a fun and engaging coloring activity to increase on-task student behavior while also providing teachers with a way to quickly assess student understanding.” It’s Free!







Steps of the Scientific Method Activity with Selfie Scenarios by Elly Thorsen


“Sometimes students have a hard time seeing the scientific method at work outside of a science classroom. I made this fun selfie scenario activity so students can see how the scientific method can be used in real life.”








Constants (Controlled Variables) Exit Ticket: A Scientific Method Assessment by Elly Thorsen


“Using exit tickets in my classroom allows me to quickly see my students’ understanding. Constants are always difficult for my science students, so this exit ticket is especially useful to see what they need help with.” It’s Free!








Tour America State Mobile Project by Upper Grades Are Awesome


“The State Mobile Project is a fun and unique way to learn about the American states while also creating a beautiful classroom display.”







Science Fair Project Planner by Upper Grades Are Awesome


“Science Fair projects can be stressful for teachers, students, and parents. This Science Fair Project Planner helps organize all the steps to complete a successful project!” It’s Free!








Back to School Clip Art Set: Seller’s Kit Back to School – Borders, Clip Art by RebeccB Designs


“Give your back-to-school resources the wow factor with sticker-style clip art, trendy borders, and coordinated papers. This Seller’s Kit makes it quick and easy for time-poor teachers to create resources.”








FREE Back to School Clip Art: Pencil Labels, Label Clip Art by RebeccaB Designs



“Personalize your classroom with these free, easy-to-use pencil labels. Add names or titles, cut out, and laminate.” It’s Free!










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