Did you hear we’re throwing a great big Cyber Monday and Tuesday sitewide sale? You did? OK, phew! We do not want you to miss out on this action.

If you’re curious how it all fits together, here’s how the sale works. If you want to know exactly how long you have left to save, check out our smart new countdown clock on the top of every TpT page.

If you’re having trouble mapping out the perfect purchase plan for your needs and wants, here are some suggestions:

  1. Holidays: There are bunches of them. Mark these moments with celebration and learning. 100th Day of School, class birthdays, end of year. It’s never too soon to plan ahead.
  2. Books, authors, novel studies: Discover so many truly exciting ways to foster a love of books.
  3. Common Core: Regardless of where you stand on it, it’s a fact of life for many. And if it isn’t in your state or country, I betcha we’ve got great support for whatever standards you follow.
  4. Interactive whiteboard: We all know it — use this well and it’s an incredibly vibrant and exciting learning tool. Use it poorly and it’s… well… it’s not.
  5. Center ideas: Mix it up! Try something new! Centers are a great way to learn, but coming up with new ideas is time consuming. Heavy lifting done for you.
  6. Task cards: Love these. They’re like a delicious chocolate box of learning with lots of exciting flavors to keep everyone happy. Mmmm! So many ways to use these. Keeps it fresh.
  7. Interactive notebooks: Love these, too. The whole concept appeals. It’s individualized, it’s personal. It’s like an invitation to feel invested in your own learning.
  8. Clip art and fonts: Nothing makes you instantly present the image you desire like clip art and fonts. Use these for class newsletters, for bulletin boards, and YES by all means for TpT products of your own creation. (Obviously read the terms of use first, but isn’t it so much easier to work with TpT clip artists? Yes, it is.)
  9. Something a little zany: Take a chance. What the heck? You know that kooky resource you put on your wish list just cause it caught your eye, but you weren’t even sure how you’d use it? Yes, that one! Buy it! Try it! Why not? Posters, brain breaks, physical education, art instruction, a planner? Take a chance on romance on a resource.
  10. Fill in the blank ___________. You know you. You know what helps you teach at your best and what your students respond to. Listen to that. TpT takes away the yoke of time commitment necessary to create lesson plans, PowerPoints, projects, etc. etc. etc. etc. and frees you up to teach like crazy. Collaborate with expert teachers and make magic in your classroom. Feel excited about teaching again. Light the spark.

Happy TpT Sale, Teachers!

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