Ring the bells for December Milestone Achievers — 14 this week! These magnificent Teacher-Authors have a bounty of science, math, and ELA resources — and even fonts — to share. ‘Tis the season for excitement and joy!

Meet 14 Amazing December Milestone Achievers

1. Take a bow, Shayna from Texas  Science Teaching Junkie

Try her: Plate Tectonics Color-by-Number

Her tip: “Use my Color-by-Number activities to liven up your classroom. These are great for quick assessments, test or quiz reviews, early finishers, homework assignments, extra credit, and more. And yes… secondary students still like to color!”


2. Well done, Danielle Knight from New Jersey

Try her: R.A.C.E Writing Strategy Interactive Flip Book: For Teachers and Students

Her tip: “Under pressure to raise scores on standardized tests? The R.A.C.E acronym has been around for as long as I can remember. It’s proven to be a successful way to get your students to remember the formula. Help your students learn how to answer the constructed response prompts that are found in most standardized tests. You and your students can use this flip book as an easy-to-use guide.”


3. Make some noise for Sheila Melton of Mont Belvieu, Texas

Try her: Forms of Energy BUNDLE PACK! (Heat, Light, Sound)

Her tip: “When it comes to science, kids love to see real pictures! Using real pictures helps your students make real-world connections and keeps them engaged because they find them fascinating.”


4. Just brilliant, BookRags from Seattle, WA

Try her: Unbroken: Lesson Plans

Her tip: “Use BookRags’ lesson plans for test and essay questions, as well as in-class activities, discussions, and projects.”


5. From Fort Myers, Florida it’s Khrys Bosland

Try her: Fonts Fonts Fonts! 155 Personal and Commercial Use Fonts: ALL KB Fonts by Khrys

Her tip: “Let’s face it: Fonts make the world a better place. Well, at least a more attractive one. If you’re anything like me, then you are font-obsessed! Fun fonts make any product more attractive and exciting. I hope you’re able to use my set of 155 original fonts (and counting!!) created by me for both personal and commercial use.”


6. Steller job, Live Love Learn

Try her: Flashbacks First Grade Unit 3 Reading Street

Her tip: “These are what we call Flashbacks. This product is meant to be used as a review or as a formative assessment. Each comes with a week’s worth of review and a fluency passage for rereads. The fluency passages can be used as homework or in connected practice. Ask students to time themselves as they read all the way through the passage… not just for one minute. Watch as their stamina, automaticity, and fluency grow!”


7. Congratulations, Cahill’s Creations

Try her: Kindergarten Math Journals All Year!

Her tip: “Use these math journals daily to reinforce different math skills. Kids will love the format and monthly themes. The journals are all set up in the same layout so kids get the routine and can work on the pages independently. They’ll feel a sense of achievement when they discover their own learning!”


8. Cara Brooks Elliott is Clowning Around in Third Grade

Try her: Word Work Spelling Task Cards

Her tip: “These spelling task cards are great for language arts centers or just for practicing those weekly spelling words in a fun way!”


9. Welcome Mike Walker from Leo, Indiana — Mike’s Math Mall 

Try his: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Made Easy (Bundled Unit) – CCSS Aligned

His tip: “This is a bundled unit that includes funny, interactive, and engaging PowerPoints, multiple activity pages (including puzzles and real-world problem solving), assessments, anchor charts, and more! The bundle is awesome for the flipped classroom or for learning centers.”


10. Way to go Melissa Machan from New York

Try her: Animals in Winter (A Non-Fiction Unit)

Her tip: “In the primary grades, we don’t always have enough time to devote to science and social studies. I love creating literacy-based informational units that allow me to cover the content while also hitting those important ELA standards.”


11. Hello Lindsey Powers from Kelseyville, California

Try her: Decomposing Teen Numbers

Her tip: “Place value, decomposing, addition, and number recognition all rolled into one activity to help master those tricky teens!


12. Magnificent, Michelle Dupuis from Canada

Try her: Reading Writing Talking BUNDLE

Her tip: “This bundle covers three very important skills: reading, writing, and talking. It includes these fun and practical resources: Guided Reading, Writing Center, and Chatting Jar. It will help you obtain a balanced literacy program in your classroom. Cette même ressource est également disponible en français dans ma boutique.”


13. Let’s hear it for Camillon’s Math Class

Try her: Fractions

Her tip: “Here are tons of fraction worksheets for your students to enjoy. You’ll save so much time — just choose a topic and select a worksheet (PDFs are carefully organized into folders). Worksheets may be traditional, but are still very effective if used the right way.”


14. Outstanding in Ohio, it’s Jessica Hursh – The Teacher Talk

Try her: Spelling Station Task Cards

Her tip: “This packet is easy for you to maintain, and it provides a variety of activities that you can introduce and use throughout the year. All you have to do is stock each activity with the printables provided, update your weekly spelling list at the station, and provide the task cards!”


Here’s to a safe, warm, and happy holiday! If you’re thinking of incorporating more STEM into your 2015 classroom, consider checking out our recent post: Get Into STEM Resources on TpT.