For many teachers, TpT has redefined the meaning of retirement. Becoming (or staying) active on TpT after bidding goodbye to the classroom has provided a special opportunity for them to impart their years of knowledge and experience on fellow teachers and stay connected to the world of education. Let’s meet some of the retired teachers on TpT — truly wonderful women and men:

Margaret Whisnant: Teachers Pay Teachers

Margaret Whisnant

“After 30 years in the classroom, TpT gave wings to my encore career as an educational writer. The national and international connections quickly made it clear that teachers need quality resources, no matter where their classrooms are located.  Supporting the world’s educators as part of a super cyber supply team is the best teaching job ever! Who needs retirement?” 

Try her:
Touching Spirit Bear: A Novel Teaching Pack (grades 6-9)
Thirty Days Hath September. . . (FREE) (grades 5-8)


Kamp Kindergarten: Teachers Pay TeachersKamp Kindergarten

“I just retired this spring. Having my TpT store made the decision to retire easier. With my TpT store, I feel that I still have an opportunity to participate in educating today’s children. Continuing to contribute to education is very important to me.”


Try her:
Farm Friends Addition Math Centers (Sums of 0-10) (grades K-1)
Pirate Kids Domino Add the Room (Sums of 6-10) (FREE) (grades K-1)


Diana Bailey: Teachers Pay Teachers

Diana Bailey

“In one way, I feel I’ve learned more about teaching since I joined TpT after retiring as a high school teacher!  Mainly because of the Seller’s Forum,  I now know much more about the role of elementary teachers — levels I haven’t taught. I have a greater appreciation for the valuable jobs they do!” 

Try her:
Twelve Years a Slave – 10 Informational Text Passages, Activities (grades 7-10)
Galileo – Guided Biography Study (FREE) (grades 4-6)


Susan Luengen: Teachers Pay TeachersSusan Luengen

“My son said I could never retire, because I didn’t have a hobby! Since retiring last year and starting on TpT, I now have a wonderful hobby/obsession that I love. I’m continuing to be a lifelong learner as I share my passion for preschool education. Thank you, TpT!” 

Try her:
Emoticons in Preschool (grades PreK-K)
Counting Ducklings (FREE) (grades PreK-K)


Renee Goularte Share2Learn: Teachers Pay TeachersRenee Goularte Share2Learn

“I’ve stayed connected to the classroom after retirement by substituting for friends — it’s given me the opportunity to continue making art with kids. Selling my art lessons on TpT has completed this connection as I refine favorite art lessons and create new ones. The symbiotic relationship of TpT, substituting, teaching art, and selling lessons has kept me fresh, current, and connected.”

Try her:
Art Task Cards – The Complete Set (grades 2-5)
Fun With Bubble People – a People Drawing Art Lesson for Beginners (FREE) (grades K-2)


Just Ask Judy: Teachers Pay TeachersJust Ask Judy

“For a year, I’d been working toward opening my TpT store, and it finally happened in April! I retired last month after 35 years of teaching. It was a difficult decision to make as I don’t feel as if I’m finished teaching children yet. TpT provides an opportunity to contribute to the teaching field.

Through this site, I’ve learned about new teaching approaches and methods of presentation. It’s enabled me to create more attractive, engaging materials. It’s fascinating to read about the perspectives of so many unique teachers from around the country (and world!) on such a variety of topics. I love having the time to create all the materials I wish I’d had available!”

Try her:
Repeating Patterns: School Tools Theme (grades K-2)
Hundred Charts- Count by 1’s, 10’s, 5’s, or 2’s- Monster Trucks (FREE) (grades K-2)


Crockett's Classroom: Teachers Pay TeachersCrockett’s Classroom

“I have the perfect life, working from home on something I love. As a teacher, I always enjoyed the creative side of teaching.  Now I can give back to teachers, creating lessons and units which allows educators to devote more time to their students. (And the extra money really helps supplement my retirement check!)” 

Try her: Language Skills Task Cards (grades 2-4)


Get Caught Engineering - STEM for Kids: Teachers Pay Teachers

Get Caught Engineering – STEM for Kids

“One half of the Get Caught Engineering partnership retired this month. After 39 years in the classroom, Wendy is looking forward to having more time to write lessons for TpT in addition to conducting STEM workshops around the country and volunteering at her former school. Cheryl is continuing in the classroom, so they have the perfect setup for testing their materials and gathering ideas and insights for integrating STEM into the curriculum.”

Try their:
Engineer Like a Superhero! “What’s Your STEM Power?”  (grades K-6)
STEM at Camp – Mechanical Engineering that Focuses on Pulleys (FREE) (grades 3-6)

Rick's Resources: Teachers Pay Teachers
Rick’s Resources

“TpT is a GREAT way to stay connected to the education world and funnel my expertise from many years of teaching in a very productive and useful way. I connect with current teachers in person monthly and daily in the Seller’s Forum. TpT is like a bridge to keep me relevant.”

Try his:
Comprehension Strategies – Myths and Legends (grades 3-5)
Math Word Problem Task Cards (8) Common Core – FREE (grades 3-5)


Pamela Kranz: Teachers Pay TeachersPamela Kranz

“I’m not retired, I’m repurposed! I left the classroom four years ago, but knew I wasn’t finished with teaching and learning. Then one of my good friends reminded me about this wonderful site called Teachers Pay Teachers. The best part for me is I get to continue creating meaningful resources that teachers all over the world are using. That, and I love the ‘staff meetings’ in the Seller’s Forum. The collaboration here among teachers is amazing!” 

Try her:
Factors of 100 Unit & Using Divisibility Rules Bundle (grades 4-6)
Become A Math Lawyer-Defend Your Answer poster-labels (FREE) (grades 3-8)


Kathryn Garcia: Teachers Pay TeachersKathryn Garcia

“I retired before I was really mentally ready in order to help care for my elderly father-in-law. After he passed away, I tried all kinds of ‘hobbies’ but nothing ‘scratched the itch’ that teaching did. I stumbled upon TpT while helping my daughter at the beginning of her teaching career. I now am totally obsessed with creating products and reading TpT teachers’ blogs about current practices. I wish I could go back and start my career over with the kind of support that teachers can find here. TpT answered a prayer for me. It is amazing.”

Try her:
Thinking About Our Reading: Using Sentence Stems to Practice Reading Strategies (grades K-3)
How Tall Is It? A Measurement for Beginners FREE Activity (grades K-2)

Jean Martin: Teachers Pay Teachers

Jean Martin

“Creating novel studies to sell on TpT has allowed me to fulfill my desire to stay connected to the classroom, to keep up on current children’s literature and education practices, to pass on what I’ve learned about teaching children, and to supplement my pension while at the same time helping other teachers with that endemic not-enough-time issue! A blessing in every respect!” 

Try her:
A Novel Study for WONDER, by R.J. Palacio (grades 4-8)
Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool: A Mini Resource Packet (FREE) (grades 5-9)

Laura's Lessons: Teachers Pay Teachers

Laura’s Lessons

“I’ve always enjoyed creating my own educational materials to use during my 31 years as a 1st grade teacher. I was thrilled to find an outlet for my creativity by becoming a TpT seller after I retired. I love that I can save busy teachers time by offering ready-to-use resources. Thank you, TpT, for enabling me to contribute to my profession after retirement!”

Try her:
U.S. Constitution PowerPoint for Constitution Day K-2 w/worksheets (grades K-2)
FREE Student of the Day Back to School Classroom Community-Building Activity (grades K-2)


Hilda Ratliff: Teachers Pay TeachersHilda Ratliff

“One of the most rewarding aspects of being a classroom teacher for 30 years was to have students express appreciation for what I taught them. It’s great to still have that feeling of appreciation when a teacher leaves wonderful feedback thanking me for creating a product that was helpful.” 

Try her:
Common Core Math 6th Grade – Statistics and Probability – CCSS 6.SP (grade 6)
Volume of Cones, Cylinders, Spheres Common Core Math 8.G.9 (FREE) (grade 8)


Meet some more…

There are plenty more retired seasoned, sensational teachers to discover on TpT. Here are a dozen-plus right now:

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Arlene Manemann
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Deborah Kemp
Diane Vogel
Dianne Mason
Judith M Darling – Razzle Dazzle Learning
Linda Nelson
Rainbow City Learning
The Teaching Bank


“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Seneca, philosopher

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