April is Autism Awareness Month, and we wanted to share some creative resources from expert TpT Teacher-Authors that educators, parents, and caregivers can use to support students with autism and promote acceptance in the community. You’ll find a free guide to home learning, morning work packets, and more.

Resources for supporting students with autism

Here are a few resources that special educators and caregivers can use either in the classroom or at home to support students with autism.

Morning Work or Homework for Students with Autism (May & June)
by Autism Classroom
Distance Learning Social Skills for Autism: Shape Up Your Friendships!
by Katrina Bevan
Special Education and Autism Resources | No prep packets for Distance learning
by CrazyCharizma
Same and Different Shapes MEGA BUNDLE 7 Sets | Distance Learning
by Primarily Learning
Home Distance Learning Guide for Autism Parents
by Curriculum for Autism

Resources for promoting autism awareness

You can use these resources to help raise awareness about autism and teach students the importance of understanding and acceptance.

Autism Awareness Day Reading Comprehension Worksheet Distance Learning
by Teaching to the Middle
Autism Awareness Activities and Resources–Distance Learning
by Created by Carleigh