Welcome to the third volume of the resource round-up series called “Supporting All Students,” featuring resources that aim to support a variety of student needs.

This week, discover Emotion Mega Units, Podcast Recording Sheets, Crypto-Animal Puzzles, and more.

Check out these resources to meet your students’ needs, and remember —half of these resources are FREE!

Freebie EMOTIONS Mega Unit Sample
Freebie EMOTIONS Mega Unit Sample by Speechasaurus

It’s FREE!

“This freebie provides the visuals needed to help create a space for students to ‘check in’ and share their emotions on a daily basis.”

Daily Conversation Starters
Daily Conversation Starters by Speechasaurus

“This resource includes 180 conversation starters presented in three different formats so you can choose what works best for your students. These conversation starters are the perfect way to build rapport with students while working on conversational, language, and thinking skills!”

FREE Podcast Response Sheet
FREE Podcast Response Sheet by Hello Mrs Harwick

It’s FREE!

“This product not only helps with listening comprehension, but student engagement. Students will want to hang onto every word when you use podcasts and this companion sheet to easily check for understanding.”

House System Necessities
House System Necessities by Hello Mrs Harwick

“Ever wanted to use the house system in your classroom? This product easily breaks it down on how to use and implement, and all supplies needed to run successfully!”

Crypto-Animals Sampler Pack
Crypto-Animals Sampler Pack by The Puzzle Den

It’s FREE!

“This is a free sample of Crytpo-Animals puzzles. They are an exciting way for kids to practice their math facts and learn a little bit of science, too!”

Christmas Puzzle Mini-Book for Third Graders
“Christmas Puzzle Mini-Book for Third Graders” by The Puzzle Den

“Print, cut, staple and create a mini-book packed with 15 puzzles all about Christmas! These make great party gifts! Other grades and holidays are available.”