Whether you’re still in school or on summer break, the learning never stops! Keep your kiddos busy with some awesome STEM challenges that are a prefect companion to warm weather group learning. Make sure those reminders make it home with reminder bracelets — perfect for summer camp! Grab an insect-themed editing packet and be ready to go with a middle school substitute packet. Half of these terrific resources are free. Give them a try and then follow the TpTstores you love.

Summer STEM Raft Challenge by Lisa Taylor Teaching the Stars

Summer STEM Raft Challenge is a great way to keep students engaged and thinking critically during the summer! It’s Free!

Water Bottle Flipping STEM Challenges by Lisa Taylor Teaching the Stars

Your students will “flip” going back to school to these Water Bottle Flipping STEM Challenges.  

Reminder Notes: Bracelets by Mrs Poultney’s Creations

Perfect for those students who lose notes or leave them in the bottom of their school bags. Just choose from the range of reminder bracelets, attach around your students’ wrist, and they’re sure to get home! It’s Free!

Editing Practice by Mrs Poultney’s Creations

Proof reading and editing are skills that a lot of our students lack and that we often struggle to find the time to teach. Motivate your students to practice these skills while learning about insects!  

Substitute Kit for 6-12 grade teachers by Teaching from A-Z[caption]

Every teacher at one point or another will need a substitute. This resource provides many useful tips that can be used immediately by middle and high school teachers. It’s Free!

BUNDLE: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, & Precal Back to School or Summer Packet by Teaching from A-Z

Print-ready, this resource allows teachers to assess their students’ readiness for their math course. It also includes a math-in-the-real-world activity that promotes parental involvement.

39 Vocabulary Posters for Second Grade Engage NY Available in 11 Styles by Paddywaddles LLC

These posters will help second grade students remember the terms and strategies used with the Engage NY program. They go great with my other Engage NY materials. It’s Free!

All Modules 2nd Second Grade Engage New York PowerPoints by Paddywaddles LLC

These PowerPoints provide supplemental visual aids for the Engage NY curriculum. They make the program more engaging and interesting.