Stock up now on behavior¬†management, a human body bundle, reading skills anchor charts, math journals, and so much more. Do a little spring cleaning and clean up on great savings with some of these terrific freebies! We’ve also got synonyms, shapes, and Easter craftivities that are great for a class photo op.¬†

Human Body Systems Bundle {Intermediate} by My Dear It’s Elementary

“Keep students engaged with the multiple intelligences. Choose from a wide variety of activities to scaffold your students with these 504 pages to make the human body systems stick!”

The Human Body {Digestive System FREEBIE} by My Dear It’s Elementary

“Keep students engaged with the multiple intelligences. This ‘Make it! Move it!’ freebie engages students as they learn about the digestive system.” It’s Free!

Easter Craft Pack: Hat, Chick, Bunny Egg, Keepsake, Easter Basket by Krazy for Kindyland

“This is one of my best sellers. Students, parents, and teachers love this packet for spring and Easter! It includes opportunities for painting, a bunny hat (Hello, class photo op!), a hand and foot tracing keepsake, and more!”¬†

2D Shapes Value Pack: Crafts, Writing, Activities by Krazy for Kindyland

“This is THE perfect pack to teach 2D shapes, incorporating math, writing, technology, and more! Reach all of your students’ interests with this 2D Shape Pack!” It’s Free!

Reading Strategies Mini Anchor Charts by Mrs M’s Style

“These mini anchor charts are a great resource tool for your students to keep in their reading journals. Each mini anchor chart provides a detailed description of a reading skill or comprehension strategy. Students are able to go back and reference the charts when they are applying the skill or strategy during their independent reading time.”

Comparing Fractions Interactive Math Journal by Mrs M’s Style

“This interactive journal entry provides resources and activities that will help you teach, reinforce, and assess the concept of comparing fractions.” It’s Free!

Shades of Spring! Shades of Meaning and Synonyms {CCSS Aligned} by Janae Van Orman – The Sharpened Pencil

“Distinguishing shades of meaning can be a difficult concept for students to understand. This product helps teach it in a fun and engaging way.”

Count Down to Summer Banner by Janae Van Orman – The Sharpened Pencil

“This product is a fun and motivational activity to help manage student behavior as the end of the year approaches!” It’s Free!