Teaching isn’t all fun and games, but it sure is nice when you find some great resources that combine fun and learning! This week’s Resource Round-up is chock-a-block full of fun ideas to try with your class including a rock-paper-scissors musical game, a human body bundle (of excitement!), and an ocean creatures QR code research adventure. And if you love the resources, be sure to follow the Teacher-Author for more great stuff!

Common Core Rubrics for the classroom by Mrs Grauer

“My Common Core learning rubric is easy for students to understand and use on a daily basis.” It’s Free!

1st grade Common Core sight word interactive spelling notebook by Mrs Grauer

“My create interactive sight word notebooks will engage your students and have them ready to read!” 

Rock, Paper, Scissors, SING! Sol-Mi FREEBIE! by SillyOMusic

“This game takes an intimidating activity like sight-singing and makes it fun. Kids are naturally drawn to the game and it can be played for any length of time, making it a perfect, educational time-filler.” It’s Free!

Musical Four Corners Game Bundle by SillyOMusic

“My students BEGGED to play these games daily! It’s an indoor recess favorite with a music ed twist that’s simple enough for a sub, and super engaging.” 

Average Speed Scavenger Hunt by Science Station

“Calculating average speed can be dull! Spice up the engagement with this fun and engaging class activity!” 

Human Body Systems Unit by Science Station

“This is an engaging bundle that will allow you to teach the human body systems with ease! Guided notes, engaging visuals, video clips, and a lab activity will keep your students excited for the duration of the unit!” 

Super Spelling Freebie by Daisy Designs

“This free resource is a no-prep printable to include in a literacy center/station for an engaging way to work on spelling and penmanship. Simply provide your students with any list of words, and students write them using different writing tools for a wonderful rainbow effect.” It’s Free!

Superhero Writing Grades 2-4 by Daisy Designs

“This resource can be used as an entire creative writing unit, or separate pages can be used on their own. Using the always popular theme of superheroes, students use graphic organizers, vocabulary activities, and interactive role play to write superhero biographies, graphic novels, newspaper articles, and more!” 

Schedule Cards by Abc123is4me

“Posting a classroom agenda has many benefits! For instance, an awareness of what’s to come next gives students a sense of security and helps to make transition time go more smoothly.” It’s Free!

Ocean Animals- Researching and Presenting Animal Reports Using QR Codes by Abc123is4me

“Writing standards have students researching in the primary grades while many classrooms are now iPad- friendly. This resource combines the two to help make researching fun!”