This resource round-up is packed with secondary world language resources. We’re featuring a Creative ASL Bundle, Favorite Foreign Language Websites, Viaja conmigo Activities for novice and intermediate students, and more.

Continue to foster your students’ language proficiency with these resources, half of which are FREE!

ASL WELCOME Sign Wall Decor
ASL WELCOME Sign Wall Decor by Creative ASL Teaching

It’s FREE!

“This is a cute welcome sign using the American Sign Language alphabet. This is great wall decor for any classroom.”

ASL Giant Food Activity Bundle
“ASL Giant Food Activity Bundle” by Creative ASL Teaching

“This bundle offers everything you need to prepare your food unit and practice food vocabulary. This bundle is a must-have for new teachers and veterans alike.”

Favorite Foreign Language Websites
Favorite Foreign Language Websites by Senor Ward

It’s FREE!

“These are some of my all-time, FAVORITE Spanish language websites!”

Gustar Chart
Gustar Chart by Senor Ward

“This ‘Verbs like GUSTAR’ chart will save your life! Students start on the LEFT and work their way to the RIGHT, adding one component from each column until they write a perfect sentence!”

Cultural Corner: El Corte Inglés
Cultural Corner: El Corte Inglés by Somewhere To Share

It’s FREE!

“Whether you need a quick sub plan, an activity for a day when class is disrupted by field trips, or are studying Spain and want to give level 2+ students a tour of El Corte Inglés, this ‘Cultural Corner Series’ reading is the freebie for you! The reading and follow- up activities are the perfect way to fill a 45-minute class period with language input that is comprehensible to the students and is full of great cultural information!”

Viaja conmigo - Novice and Intermediate in ONE
Viaja conmigo – Novice and Intermediate in ONE by Somewhere To Share

“Fill your travel unit with great language input for your students. This 7-day unit contains both a novice and intermediate version in one!”