There are a lot of things to love about spring and fun new resources is definitely one of them! We’ve got a wonderful water use resource, a study unit that’s a “Hoot,” and over 20 brain breaks that’ll help rejuvenate you and your students while giving you a much-needed respite. These terrific Teacher-Authors are worth following, so grab a resource or two, and keep up to date on their latest offerings!

Scientific Notation Calculations – Water Use Around the World by Mary Carr

“Water Use Around the World is a cross-curricular math resource that can be used in conjunction with lessons on the water cycle in science, or environmental education about water conservation. On the math side, students practice scientific notation, multiplication, and rounding numbers.” It’s Free!

Daily Math Word Problems (Bell ringers) for Second Semester by Mary Carr

“These unique sets of problems engage students to the point that they don’t mind doing word problems. While enjoying the interesting historical facts, middle school students use different math skills and get much-needed practice in solving word problems on a daily basis.” 

Free Story Characters Analysis Activities Handout For Literature Circles by Esther’s Books World

“It helps students to understand more about the main and supporting characters in any literary work of fiction ( novels, short stories, etc.)” It’s Free!

Hoot by Carl Hiaasen Novel Study Unit Mega Bundle by Esther’s Books World

“This is a novel study based on a popular novel ( Hoot). The novel study has lots of comprehension skills and activities that are differentiated.”

Brain Breaks – ABC Taskcards by Mrs Recht’s Virtual Classroom

“When working with beginners EFL students, the most difficult thing is to motivate the students to actually learn new words. A nice way to do so is by making them use their body!! And it’s great fun!” It’s Free!

Bullying – Anti-Bullying Campaign 2016 by Mrs Recht’s Virtual Classroom

“As an EFL teacher, not only do I teach a language, but I also like to teach values. Among them, respect comes first. This lesson enables teens to realize bullying is, what it does to victims, and how we can stop it.”