This week’s resource round-up is packed with activities so engaging your students won’t realize they’re learning a TON. We’re featuring star-themed STEM and 1st grade graphing activities, grammar and phonics activities, social skills resources, and so much more! Jump right in and get the fun started with these resources — half of which are free!

Small Moments, with Watermelon Graphics
Small Moments, with Watermelon Graphics by Elementary Engagement

It’s FREE!

“This foldable, graphic organizer, and anchor chart will help students narrow the focus of their narratives to one small moment.”

Synonyms and Antonyms Bundle
“Synonyms and Antonyms Bundle” by Elementary Engagement

“This set of activities provides differentiated, engaging ways for students to practice using synonyms and antonyms.”

Mr. Putter and Tabby Any Book Story Map FREEBIE!
Mr. Putter and Tabby Any Book Story Map FREEBIE! by The Best Days by Julie Santello

It’s FREE!

“Students explore ANY Mr. Putter story through the use of a story map. Students get to practice sequencing, written response, and central message with this FREEBIE!”

Stars STEM: Types of Stars
“Stars STEM: Types of Stars” by The Best Days by Julie Santello

“Why not build your Types of Stars unit with some hands-on learning! Students build a star in this STEM activity and then, with the help of you, see how star distances can cause us to think of stars as a level plain rather than the far distances they are!”

CVC Write the Room Freebie
“CVC Write the Room Freebie” by Teacher Jeanell

It’s FREE!

“This write the room center will provide students with a fun and engaging way to practice CVC words.”

Magnetic Letter Activities (15 Sets) Bundle 1
Magnetic Letter Activities (15 Sets) Bundle 1 by Teacher Jeanell

“This fun and engaging resource will help students practice various spelling patterns. Students will identify the missing spelling pattern and use magnetic letters to complete each word.”

Social Skills Sampler Freebie
Social Skills Sampler Freebie by Kathy Babineau

It’s FREE!

“This Social Skills Sampler Freebie contains a variety of social skill cards that are fun, and target areas that are challenging for many of our students with social pragmatic difficulties including body language, facial expression, identifying feelings, problem solving, and role-playing. This is great to use in small groups or as part of morning meetings.” 

Yes and No Questions Kit
“Yes and No Questions Kit” by Kathy Babineau

“This Yes/No Questions Kit contains a variety of materials and a systematic way to target and track progress on answering yes and no questions. Many of my students with significant language disorders and children with autism have difficulty answering yes/no questions.”

CVC Board Game (Nonsense Words Center)
CVC Board Game (Nonsense Words Center) by Today’s Objective

It’s FREE!

“This game provides a fun, engaging way for students to practice CVC words. It’s perfect for interventions and small groups.”

Graphing First Grade Bundle
Graphing First Grade Bundle by Today’s Objective

“This resource provides opportunities to practice graphing skills throughout the entire year. Seasonal themes keep students engaged.”