Raise your hand if you like interactive notebooks, annotated text, and order of operations! We’ve got these and more for you here. And they’re from some terrific Teacher-Authors who may have lost an hour of sleep during Daylight Savings but didn’t lose any time getting these awesome spring resources to teachers in need. Take a look and follow them if you like what you see!

Order of Operations Activity Bundle by Activated Education

“This Solve & Draw Resource provides guided, differentiated practice for the order of operations in an engaging way!”

Area of Circles by Activated Education

“Celebrate Pi Day or practice area and circumference of circles any time with this Solve & Draw Resource! Designed to engage and infuse creativity into math class with no prep (or art skills) needed.” It’s Free!

TRIANGLES: EXTERIOR ANGLE SUM THEOREM #1 COLORING ACTIVITY by Marie’s Math Resources and Coloring Activities

“This is a fun way to practice applying the Exterior Angle Sum Theorem. The answers are matched with a color and students enjoy coloring the picture and having their work displayed in the classroom.”

Free Downloads – Triangle Congruence Interactive Notebook by Marie’s Math Resources and Coloring Activities

“This is a summary on triangle congruence for interactive notebooks that helps students as a quick reference sheet.” It’s Free!

Annotating Text-Teach, Model, Apply-Teaching Students to Annotate by English Oh My

“Annotating text is an essential reading skill, and this product will teach students to properly annotate texts with efficient and simple techniques.”

Genius Hour FREEBIE by English Oh My

“Genius Hour is an inquiry-based learning product that excites the creative mind and imagination. It also give students a chance to have choice and freedom in their learning.” It’s Free!

A Guide to Talking With Your Principal About Math by Math – It Works

“This resource contains over 40 helpful talking points to support your math conversations around your teaching and learning practices. Includes 6 popular principal questions with many ideas to start your conversation.” It’s Free!