Extra extra! We’ve got back-to-school newspaper writing, narrative writing, monthly binder covers, lunch patterns, word work, and much more! Also homework ideas, bulletin board resources, and a wonderful way to let your kids know they’re awesome. 

Back to School Newspaper Writing Activity by School and the City


“This is a unique writing activity for the beginning of the year! Students write about how they feel about coming back to school, their favorite summer memories, and predictions for the new school year.”








Text Feature Identification: Butterfly Life Cycle by School and the City


“I created this product because I needed a way to assess my students’ understanding of text features other than by observation, and I wanted the assessment to tie in to our science and social studies curriculum. The kids have fun using different colors to identify the text features, and the result is a great work sample for me.” It’s Free! 






Fall Vocabulary Skills Task Cards by Alyssa Teaches


“These fall-themed task cards are a fun way to work in vocabulary and word analysis skills! They’re an ideal activity for early finishers, centers, or a game of Scoot!”






Factors and Multiples Puzzles FREEBIE by Alyssa Teaches


“What better way to practice identifying factors and multiples than with a fun game? This puzzle set makes a great addition to a math center or station!” It’s Free!








Fictional Narrative Writing Unit ~ Creative Writing by Isla Hearts Teaching


“Fictional narrative writing can be tricky to teach and assess… but not anymore! This 200+ page step-by-step unit contains all the resources needed to help your students become amazing authors and write their own creative stories!”








Second Grade Reading Comprehension Passages (FREE SAMPLE) by Isla Hearts Teaching


“Reading comprehension CAN be engaging and educational at the same time! This resource contains high-interest passages along with a mix of literal, inferential and applied questions to make your students really think.” It’s Free!








5-a-Day Math: 2nd Grade Weekly Spiraling Review (Full Year) by Jana Guerra We Heart 1st


“5-a-Day Math provides a spiraling review for your students on just one sheet of paper per week! Concepts are reviewed in 3-week chunks so skills are solidified before moving on. Students are challenged and feel confident as they master new skills!”




Monthly Binder Covers by Jana Guerra We Heart 1st


“Get the new school year started with these monthly binder covers. They’re perfect for organizing your monthly materials.” It’s Free!









Dot a Letter: Letter Recognition by Make Many Hearts Smile


“This dot-a-letter pack focuses on letter recognition while the kids have fun with bingo daubers.”









Lunch What Comes Next Patterns by Make Many Hearts Smile


“Patterns help young kids make connections, learn sequencing, and develop their problem-solving skills.” It’s Free!









Third Grade Homework September {20+ NO PREP Printables & Editable Homework Menu} by I Want to be a Super Teacher


“A flexible, fun, homework system that’s super easy to implement! These homework resources help motivate students by providing choice. They are simple for teachers to use with all printables provided. There’s also an editable homework menu so teachers can fine tune everything to fit the needs of their classrooms and students. Perfect for back to school!”







FREE Word Work Activities for Grades 2-3: 3 NO PREP Resources by I Want to be a Super Teacher


“These free word work activities are a great fit for 2nd or 3rd grade teachers like me who need something that can be used immediately for centers, small group, or even whole class work. The student-friendly instruction pages included with these word work activities make them especially easy to use for independent work or centers.” It’s Free!






Wonder by RJ Palacio Activity by Teacher Julia


“This resource is a great project for when students finish reading the book Wonder by RJ Palacio. A great book to start any school year off with to learn about kindness and the value in the differences between one another.”







Writers Workshop – Drafting Lesson by Teacher Julia


“This is a lesson to teach writing in grades 3-5. It follows a strict Writers Workshop format which allows teachers to work on their craft rather than spend tons of time on planning.” It’s Free!








4 Seasons (Fall-Winter-Spring-Summer) Bulletin Board Kit Bundle by Ashley McKenzie


“You will have four beautiful bulletin boards ready to go in no time. Each one includes a gorgeous banner, student craftivity, and decor for your bulletin board! It doesn’t get easier than this!”








“When you enter this classroom”… motivational printable (Freebie!) by Ashley McKenzie


“All students needs to hear that they are so much more than they think! This poster sets the tone as your students walk into your classroom letting them know they are awesome!” It’s Free!











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