Like spring, this week’s Resource Round-Up is literally bursting (!!) with amazing resources. There’s something for everyone here — half of them are free, and it seems like, no matter what subject, speciality, or grade you teach, you’re sure to find a terrific new Teacher-Author to follow. Discover resources from QR code scavenger hunts and breakfast menu math centers to communities, Earth Day, Easter, and RTI help

Rocks and Minerals Nonfiction Passages and Activities by The Campbell Connection

“This bundle is a great addition to any rocks and minerals unit! It includes a variety of activities and assessments on igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic rocks, the rock cycle, and so much more.”

Geometry QR Code Scavenger Hunt by The Campbell Connection

“This geometry QR Code scavenger hunt is a stimulating activity that your students will definitely get excited about. You simply place the QR Codes around the room, or at a math workshop center, and let your students go on the hunt while they practice what they know about quadrilaterals.” It’s Free!

Swinging into Spring by Kindergarten Kristy

“This packet is full of a variety of math and language arts activities that are perfect for kindergarten and 1st grade classes. All activities are black and white, no-prep, and no-fuss!”

St. Patrick’s Day *FREEBIE* by Kindergarten Kristy


This free activity packet is an excellent way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with interactive language arts and math activities for primary students.” It’s Free!

Second Grade Math Interactive Notebook: Measurement (Length, Area, & Time) TEKS by Down River Resources

“Eager mathematicians will learn measurement, especially length, area, and time, through interactive folds and flaps. I take the guesswork out of notebooks by providing color photographs of finished folds and flaps.” 

Kindergarten, First & Second Grade Math Interactive Notebook: Measurement Sample by Down River Resources

“Eager mathematicians will be engaged in a hands-on way to learn the tools used in measurement. This easy-to-implement support is TEKS-aligned and allows you to print and go!” It’s FREE! 

Money Center: Breakfast Menu by Bite-Size Teaching

“Engage your young mathematicians in solving real-world money problems with this high-interest, interactive Breakfast Menu Math Center FREEBIE! Students will use their knowledge of coin names, coin values, coin addition, and subtraction to order items off of a breakfast menu. Complete with student recording sheet and answer key!” It’s Free!

Fiction or Non-Fiction Text-Coding Reading Passages by Bite-Size Teaching

“Assist your students in distinguishing the characteristics of fiction and non-fiction writing with these 20 fun and engaging reading passages. Students will text-code key words and phrases as they read each passage, then use evidence-based text to defend their choices. Complete with 2 posters and an answer key!”

A Guide to Talking With Your Principal About Math by Math – It Works

“This resource contains over 40 helpful talking points to support your math conversations around your teaching and learning practices. Includes 6 popular principal questions with many ideas to start your conversation.” It’s Free!

5th Grade Common Core Math Mystery by Math – It Works

“Engaging and fun math mystery for 5th graders that will have your students reasoning and justifying as they sift through evidence. Who Stole the Duck Calls is a perfect performance assessment for identifying equivalent fractions, adding, and subtracting decimals, finding multiples, determining volume and finding elapsed time.”

Spring CVC Build It Word Work: Say It, Build It, Write It Cut and Paste by Bilingual Teacher World

“Read It, Build It, Write It CVC Word Work is an awesome set of worksheets to help your kids read and spell CVC words and word families.”

Spring Math Worksheets for Kindergarten FREEBIE by Bilingual Teacher World

“Your kiddos will get to practice many different math skills for kindergarten and 1st grade like graphing, ordinal numbers, number words, number recognition, greater than, less than, equal, one to one correspondence, skip counting, number sequence, odd and even.” It’s Free!

First Grade Math Task Cards Bundle {All Standards} by Classroom Confetti

“These First Grade Math Task Cards for the Year are a perfect addition to your math block by using them during math centers, as exit slips, or for early finishers. A variety of activities for each standard allows for differentiation and engaging learning.”

Numbers 1-10 Anchor Chart Freebie by Classroom Confetti

“These anchor charts show numbers 1 through 10 in multiple representations encouraging students to gain number sense.” It’s Free!

Career Exploration by Erin Nation

“In this packet, students are given the opportunity to learn about careers, explore how interests can lead to careers, discuss the careers they know, talk about the tools, resources, and vehicles needed to complete jobs, and have an opportunity to write and draw about their career exploration.”

Spring Feelings Charts and Writing Prompts by Erin Nation

“Learning how to identify our emotions is an important life skill. This chart puts a seasonal spin on the typical feelings chart.”It’s Free!


Communities Rural, Suburban and Urban by Josie’s Place

“When creating Rural, Suburban, and Urban Communities, my goal was to create activities and resources that would keep my students engaged and interested in the topic. Through a story about three friends, children can relate to the characters and learn about each of their communities and how they are different and special in their own way. It also includes a modified reader for reluctant readers and a fun craftivity.” 

U.S. Symbols Unit SAMPLE FREEBIE! by Josie’s Place

“U.S. Symbols allow students to learn all about the significance and pertinent information about important places and symbols in our country such as the flag, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell, Mount Rushmore, the White House and much more.” It’s Free!

Let’s Talk About Spring: Interactive Read-Aloud PowerPoint by Rita Mitchell

“This PowerPoint is a nonfiction spring read-aloud. The interactive nature of the text gives students opportunities to discuss and interact as they connect, reflect, and learn.”

Secret Sentences: Earth Day Writing Center Activity by Rita Mitchell

“This activity is a perfect writing center or literacy station for Earth Day. Students will use beginning sound clues to uncover sentences and match them to their pictures.” It’s Free!

RTI – Letter Identification and Letter Sounds. CCS Aligned. by Studious Maximus

“This product is very useful for the RTI process and can be used for the whole class, small group, and one-on-one. It helps all students learn correct letter identification and letter sounds. Also very beneficial for ESL, ELL, Speech, SPED students and homeschoolers. Students will perform better and have a higher accuracy rate for both AIMSweb and DIBELS tests.”

Test Review and Prep Bundle – Primary Math and ELA Skills – FREEBIE SAMPLE by Studious Maximus

“This is a freebie sample of my Test Review and Prep Bundle that includes two comprehensive resources focused on Primary Math and ELA skills. Help your students prepare for their test by using these practice/review differentiated activities.” It’s Free!


Easter ~ The story of Jesus ~ Craft, Flashcards, Worksheets & Templates by Ponder and Possible

“A variety of Easter activities designed to help students become familiar with the story of Jesus at Easter.”

Easter ~ The Story of Jesus ~ Interactive Foldable Templates by Ponder and Possible

“Interactive template designed to help students retell the story of Jesus at Easter.” It’s Free!