How will you celebrate your students as the school year draws to a close? Perhaps a game of Math Who with enrichment and extension questions included? Or let them leave their mark with these character education graffiti pennants? Whatever you have in store, it’s sure to be fun and if you need more ideas, check out these terrific resources! 

Effective Group Discussion Interactive Notebook by Lifelong Learning

“It is so important to create a classroom culture where students know how to debate respectfully. Use this interactive notebook to explore the concept of effective group discussion with your students.” It’s Free!

Make Your Mark: Character Education Graffiti Pennant by Lifelong Learning

“This is the perfect anchor activity to discuss character education, respect, and collaboration at any point of the year. The beauty of the graffiti pennant design is that students get to establish ownership of the finished pennant and the values it explores.”

Adding and Subtracting Fractions Love Emoji by Teachers R Us Homeschool

“This resource allows students to practice adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators! They will have a blast trying to solve the mystery emoji by following the color key.” It’s Free!

Math Who? Vocabulary Game by Teachers R Us Homeschool

“Ever heard of the game Guess Who? Kids have tons of fun playing Math Who which incorporates vocabulary terms into a game that can be used all year long! Enrichment and extension questions are included.”