This week’s resource round-up is brought to you by science! Get acquainted with an introduction to physics PowerPoint, a periodic table scavenger hunt, some genetic code, and even these logic puzzles. We’ve got some math and test prep for a little variety and they’re all fun ways to keep your kids engaged through these last weeks of the year. Don’t forget — half of them are free!

Introduction to Physics Lesson I PowerPoint “What is Science?” by AstronomyDa

“This lesson discusses how science begins and ends; the relationship between technology and science; and the natural branches of science.” It’s Free!

Introductory Physics Complete Unit I “Science Skills” by AstronomyDad

“This is a good introductory three-week unit for physics. It provides detailed electronic lessons as well as many supporting activities and assessments.”

Genetics Genetic Code: Reference Sheet for High School Molecular Biology Student by AwesomeScience

“A free genetic code reference sheet for molecular biology students!” It’s Free!

Periodic Table of the Elements Scavenger Hunt: ALL by AwesomeScience

“Group students together, distribute scavenger hunts, distribute periodic tables, challenge students to challenge each other then — sit back — catch your breath — and watch the AWESOMENESS unfold! A truly FUN and ENGAGING set of activities that will most certainly leave a PeRiOdIC impression on the minds of your students. One of my favorites!”

LOGIC puzzle – TEST PREP by weatherly


“I love watching kids think… and more importantly, I love making them think. Logic puzzles provide a fun and challenging way to keep students thinking and they are great for any class/situation – not just in math!” It’s Free!

LOGIC puzzles – FOUR SEASONS / YEAR LONG BUNDLE by weatherly


“Help our students see that any math problem is merely a puzzle waiting to be solved. This resource lets your students know that your class is all about thinking and sticking with a problem until it is ‘puzzled out.'”