Let’s give a hearty welcome to the month of March! Frosts are melting, bulbs are showing their greenery, Pi day is just around the corner, and it will be St. Patrick’s Day before you know it. We’ll roll our clocks back this month, and (some of us will) watch a lot of basketball! Plus, we’ve got some terrific resources to accompany your spring planning. How about a Jack and The Beanstalk unit to go along with a garden lesson, a St. Patrick’s Day adapted book to help with verb recognition skills, and a math center choice board? Many of them are free and they’re all terrific!

Reading Fluency Fry Sentences Activities by Camping Out In Second

“This product was created using the 1,000 Fry Words, which makes it a perfect addition to any reading fluency curriculum! The activities are great for centers, small groups, or RTI.” 

Math Center Choice Boards by Camping Out In Second

“This product contains 14 different math choice boards that will help your students gain math fact fluency, place value, number sense, and more! They are easy to prep and easy to use!” It’s Free! 

Jack and the Beanstalk Plant Unit {CCSS Reading, Writing, Math, Science} by The Apple Tree Room


“Jack and the Beanstalk is the perfect core story for a thematic plant unit! This unit offers 18 activities to integrate reading, writing, math, and science.” 

Main Idea and Details Foldable FREEBIE! by The Apple Tree Room


“This foldable helps 1st-3rd graders identify the main idea and three supporting details of informative text.” It’s Free! 

Autism Classroom, Set Up Your Classroom. by Teaching Autism


“This bundle of resources is great to either set up your Autism/Spec Ed classroom or to just update and introduce some new resources and measures into your setting. A wide variety of resources are included to target different areas of learning, classroom management, behaviour management, and to boost communication skills.” 

Free St Patrick’s Day Adapted Book by Teaching Autism


“Adapted sentence building books are a great way to encourage learners to pay close attention to the image that is displayed and to select matching symbols to build an appropriate sentence. This book is based on St. Patrick’s Day and is for students to work on their verb recognition skills.” It’s Free! 

US Government Paired Passages {Branches and Levels} by The Tulip Teacher


“This resource easily allows teachers to integrate social studies standards into reading. By using these paired passages and close reading activities, teachers can teach the branches and levels of government while also focusing on reading comprehension and other embedded test prep skills such as written response questions.”

Free Fluency Goal Setting by The Tulip Teacher


“Goal setting allows students to take ownership of their learning by setting an individual goal and tracking their own progress to meet their goal. This five-page freebie focuses on setting individual fluency goals in reading.” It’s Free!