Is your schedule full to bursting as you make your way into these final months of the 2016/2017 school year? Then you’ll be happy to see this week’s selection of resources spanning test prep to task cards, the human body to Hamilton, and even some circuit training for the brain. Let these tried-and-true Teacher-Authors lend a hand so you can spend your precious time helping your students stay focused on success!

LOGIC puzzle – TEST PREP by weatherly

“Whether you love them or hate them, standardized tests are a part of education. Use this Logic Puzzle to help your students practice reading and thinking for their math assessment… skills that are essential to SUCCESS!” It’s Free!

ALGEBRA 1 TEST PREP#1 – task cards (with paper version) by weatherly

Task cards are a popular math classroom resource. These task cards are designed to be used for test prep and as such, include test-style questions. They are designed to mimic a standardized testing format. Teachers love task cards, and so do students!”

Emily Dickinson Clip Art by English Bulldog

“Teachers are always looking for quality clip art to engage students with the content.” It’s Free!

Argument Writing Breakout Box Game by English Bulldog

“Breakout boxes capitalize on the escape room phenomenon, and students love these exciting hands-on activities that require collaboration and critical thinking.”

Environmental Science- Hydrosphere, Atmosphere, Lithosphere, Biosphere by Gnature with Gnat

“This is a great introduction to any environmental science or earth science course. Students discover the 4 spheres of the earth through activities and web content.” It’s Free!

ADVANCED Human Body Systems/Anatomy Diagrams for Student Labeling by Gnature with Gnat

These diagrams are a great addition for a biology, anatomy, or health course. Students will love the large, clear illustrations for practice and comprehension of anatomical terms.”

Free Practice with Argument—Angie Thomas’s The Hate U Give by Barraug Books and Curriculum

“The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is a startling achievement for a first-time writer as Thomas captures the tension of police shootings and the #blacklivesmatter movement through the eyes of Starr, her 17-year-old protagonist. This lesson packet incorporates multiple media links, writing prompts, and Socratic Seminar directions.” It’s Free!

Hamilton Stage to Classroom- 4 Lesson Bundle by Barraug Books and Curriculum

The Hamilton bundle incorporates four lessons based on the 2016 hit musical synthesizing song, lyrics, hip hop, dance, poetry, and historical documents to the classroom. Learn history and rhetoric through engaging, interactive activities and assessments.”

Circuit Training – Scientific Notation (middle school) by Virge Cornelius’ Mathematical Circuit Training

This set of exercises allows students to check their work as they go. Highly engaging! Your classroom will buzz with mathematical conversation!” It’s Free!

Circuit Training – Ultimate Algebra Review! by Virge Cornelius’ Mathematical Circuit Training

“This is the Ultimate Algebra Review for students finishing an algebra I course or beginning an Algebra II course! High quality, self-checking exercises dealing with all of the objectives students must know to succeed on their end-of-year assessments.”