This resource round-up is packed with elementary ELA and Social Studies resources to help your students practice their foundational reading skills.

We’re featuring Write the Room Phonics Resources, Onomatopoeia Resource Packet, Preschool Curriculum, and more.

And as always, half of these resources are FREE!

Graphic Organizers for Reading Comprehension
Graphic Organizers for Reading Comprehension by The Sassy Schoolteacher

It’s FREE!

“Teachers are constantly being asked to hold their students accountable before, during, and after reading but students also need consistency. These are fun, easy recording sheets that students can use for reading to showcase their understanding.”

Write the Room - Phonics Edition (33 Hunts for the Year!)
Write the Room – Phonics Edition (33 Hunts for the Year!) by The Sassy Schoolteacher

“When students can get up and move around to learn, it’s a win for everyone! In addition, this pack comes with answers keys to promote self or partner checking!”

Ahoy! Plurals!
Ahoy! Plurals! by Pitner’s Potpourri

It’s FREE!

“This fun game for both regular and irregular plurals is great for small groups.”

Let's Focus on the Main Idea and Key Details
Let’s Focus on the Main Idea and Key Details by Pitner’s Potpourri

“This 53-page set of activities includes both brief literature and informational texts. Activities are structured so that integrating writing skills is appropriate and are suitable for intervention groups or for introduction and practice for all students.”

**Onomatopoeia Packet (for An Onomatopoeia Adventure)**
**Onomatopoeia Packet (for An Onomatopoeia Adventure)** by Super Teacher Tactics

It’s FREE!

“This Onomatopoeia Resource Packet is perfect for the primary level to reinforce learning about ONOMATOPOEIA, or sound words. For more engagement, please view details about my children’s picture book, An Onomatopoeia Adventure, that goes perfectly with this packet. You don’t want to miss the song that was created for this book as well!”

Ancient Egypt Packet~18 pg Packet
“Ancient Egypt Packet~18 pg Packet” by Super Teacher Tactics

“Finally, a kid-friendly packet on Ancient Egypt! The cute clipart was custom made by ScrappinDoodles specifically for this packet that is full of engaging ancient Egypt activities. Enjoy!”

Sheep in a Jeep
“Sheep in a Jeep” Toddler Story Companion by Little Owl Academy

It’s FREE!

“This story book companion to Sheep in a Jeep is a great resource for your earliest learns. It provides hands-on fine motor skill activities to help them learn, grow, and love to read!”

Preschool Curriculum Bundle: September-May
“Preschool Curriculum Bundle: September-May” by Little Owl Academy

“This preschool curriculum provides you with activities, printable, ideas, and plans for the entire school year. Using themes to enhance learning, each packet will provide your students with hands-on learning and fun!”