This resource round-up is packed with elementary ELA and Social Studies resources to help your students develop foundational skills, social awareness, and a love of reading.

We’re featuring A Fairytale Preschool Pack, Personality Genre Tests, a Hygiene and Hand Washing Unit, and more.

Continue to foster your students’ love of lit with these resources, half of which are FREE!

Animal Clip Cards
Animal Clip Cards by Natural Little Learners

It’s FREE!

“A super cute set of 10 cards to count and clip! Your little learners simply count the images and place a peg to mark the correct number and work those fine motor skills.”

Fairytale Preschool Pack
Fairytale Preschool Pack by Natural Little Learners

“Our fairytale preschool pack is a great learning tool for your little learners. It includes a great mix of literacy, math, and visual discrimination games — ready to print and play!”

Spelling Activities | Free Sample
Spelling Activities | Free Sample by Coreas Creations

It’s FREE!

“These spelling practice pages are sure to delight your primary-aged students. These pages are 100% editable, allowing for easy differentiation. Simply type your words once and watch as text boxes auto-fill on each page!”

Personal Hygiene Lessons
Personal Hygiene Lessons by Coreas Creations

“Are you planning to teach your Kindergarten class about personal hygiene and hand washing? This resource covers those topics and more. Lesson plans, worksheets, center ideas, and craft ideas are also included!”

Library Resources Brochure (editable)
Library Resources Brochure (editable) by MrsReaderPants

It’s FREE!

“This editable library resource brochure gives your students, teachers, and parents descriptions of your library databases, URLs, and login information, all in one handy place!”

Reading Personality Test | What's Your Genre? (elementary version)
“Reading Personality Test | What’s Your Genre? (elementary version)” by MrsReaderPants

“Students (and their teachers!) love this fun, surprisingly-accurate reading personality test. It includes everything you need to help students determine which book genres best-suit their personalities.”

FREE Helpful Tools for Special Educators
FREE Helpful Tools for Special Educators by Research Based Teaching Tools

It’s FREE!

“Special Education teachers have a lot of paperwork. Our free Helpful Tools for Special Educators saves teachers a lot of valuable time. This product was created for myself, but I wanted to share it with you for free.”

Reading Comprehension Strategies and Assessment Bundle
Reading Comprehension Strategies and Assessment Bundle by Research Based Teaching Tools

“Our Reading Comprehension Strategies and Assessment Bundle helps to promote a love of literacy in the classroom. Comprehension questions are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy and Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy. Our differentiated Book Report Forms are also based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. Engage your students today with a deeper understanding in literature!”