This resource round-up is jam packed with ELA and social studies resources that will help your students engage with non-fiction text and practice creative thinking.

We’re featuring My Teacher Needs a Vacation! An Opinion Writing Craftivity, a Non-Fiction Text Features Activity, a Healthy Eating Unit, and more.

Check out these resources — half of which are FREE!

If you Give a Mouse a Cookie: Cause and Effect Freebie
If you Give a Mouse a Cookie: Cause and Effect Freebie by MissMiniMills

It’s FREE!

If you Give a Mouse a Cookie is a great book for teaching cause and effect! Here are some fun worksheet options to check students’ understanding after reading this book!”

My Teacher Needs a Vacation! An Opinion Writing Craftivity
My Teacher Needs a Vacation! An Opinion Writing Craftivity by MissMiniMills

“Get even your most reluctant writers engaged with this fun opinion writing craftivity! Students get to choose a destination to send their teacher on vacation, and then provide their reasons why. It includes both opinion and research.”

Using Non-Fiction Text Features
“Using Non-Fiction Text Features” by Mrs Cowmans Classroom

It’s FREE!

“This activity will engage your students as they dive into non-fiction books to search for text features. Students not only locate the text features, but also explain how they help them understand the text better!”

Central Message Passages & Task Cards
“Central Message Passages & Task Cards” by Mrs Cowmans Classroom

“This resource addresses the tricky concept of identifying the central message of a story, which can be very difficult for students — especially when asked to explain how they know. This packet includes scaffolded, differentiated organizers and leveled passages to meet the individual needs of all of your students.”

Levels of Government - Canadian Worksheets - FREEBIE
“Levels of Government – Canadian Worksheets – FREEBIE” by Super Simple Sheets

It’s FREE!

“These activity sheets are a fun and engaging way for students to learn about the levels of Canadian government. These sheets not only teach the subject material, but also allow students to research and inquire for answers.”

Healthy Eating Unit - New Canada Food Guide!
“Healthy Eating Unit – New Canada Food Guide!” by Super Simple Sheets

“Nothing is more important than our health. Your students will enjoy these fun activity sheets that will teach them the importance of reading nutritional labels, thinking critically about food in the media, as well as many other topics.”

Arts and Crafts Labels
“Arts and Crafts Labels” by Simply Schoolgirl

It’s FREE!

“A set of simple and cute labels to help you organize your craft supplies. These labels will make it easy for students to find the supplies they need!”

Letter A- Preschool Letter of the Week Unit
“Letter A- Preschool Letter of the Week Unit” by Simply Schoolgirl

“Huge bundle of ‘letter A’ resources to use as you teach your preschool students about letter A. It includes worksheets, crafts, photos, dot painting, games, sorting activities, and more!”