This week’s resource round-up is packed with critical thinking resources as well as puzzles offered in English, Spanish, and French. You’ll also find activities to help your students practice CVC words, phonics, and build their interpersonal skills! So many fantastic resources to choose from — and half of them are free!

Spanish Park-en el parque-puzzles FREE
Spanish Park-en el parque- puzzles by Llanguage Llamas

It’s FREE!

“En el parque puzzles are a fun way to learn and practice basic Spanish vocabulary items for talking about a visit to the park.”

French Numbers - Les Nombres - Flashcards, Games, puzzles and Activities
French Numbers – Les Nombres – Flashcards, Games, puzzles and Activities by Llanguage Llamas

“106 pages of fun flashcards. Write around the room, bingo, matching activities, word searches, crosswords, mystery pictures, dot to dot, code breakers, and more. All you need to teach the French words for the numbers 1-20 to elementary students.”

Kindness Scavenger Hunt Freebie
Kindness Scavenger Hunt Freebie by Kiddie Matters

It’s FREE!

“This kindness scavenger hunt allows kids to practice acts of kindness in a fun way, both at home and in school.”

Character Education: Lessons That Teach Kids Respect
Character Education: Lessons That Teach Kids Respect by Kiddie Matters

“This resource teaches and reinforces respectful behavior in children.”

CVC Word Puzzles {FREE}
CVC Word Puzzles {FREE} by Fun Hands-on Learning

It’s FREE!

“Phonics is the foundation for future reading success. These CVC word puzzles help students phonetically segment and blend simple words. Use them for remediation, literacy stations, intervention, or just for extra fun!”

PHONICS 4 Reading {Growing BUNDLE}
PHONICS 4 Reading {Growing BUNDLE} by Fun Hands-on Learning

“Get ready for an adventure in phonics fun with this research-based highly effective PHONICS 4 Reading program! Young children need a firm foundation in phonics in order to tackle difficult text in years to come.”

Animal Reports
Animal Reports by Bobbi Bates

It’s FREE!

“This FREEBIE is packed with animal research ideas, resources, and examples. The Animal Report Graphic Organizers help students organize their animal facts so the writing process is a little easier. Included is everything you need to have a habitat presentation day!”

Science Bundle
Science Bundle by Bobbi Bates

“This Science Weekly Bundle is packed with weekly science projects and activities for the entire year. This unit will save you so much time!”

Exit Ticket- Weekend Ticket Out The Door
Exit Ticket- Weekend Ticket Out The Door by Time Saving Tools

It’s FREE!

This resource helps students reflect upon their week. It is a great way to end the week. The information students provide is a wonderful way for teachers to see what is going on with their students.

Twistle- Critical Thinking Word Game
Twistle- Critical Thinking Word Game by Time Saving Tools

“This is a great critical thinking resource. It is versatile. It can provide a challenge for students, it can be used as a center, and it is also great for early finishers. Students have fun while thinking critically!”

Seeds-Let's Learn About Seeds
Seeds-Let’s Learn About Seeds by The Picture Book Cafe

It’s FREE!

“This activity packet about seeds provides opportunities for students to learn all about seeds and how they are spread from place to place. This resource gives early learners practice with reading, writing, and comprehending skills.”

Ladybugs-Reading, Writing, Researching
Ladybugs-Reading, Writing, Researching by The Picture Book Cafe

“This resource contains so many activities that give students many opportunities to learn about ladybugs. Students will read, write, and research information about ladybugs. Using these activities will help build literacy skills for young learners.”