Do you love TpT? Like, really love TpT?

Then, make it a New Year’s Resolution to share the love!

Some of our TpT Teacher-Authors have created fun promotions for you to post here, there, and everywhere. You might also send one in an email or print your favorite out to post on a community bulletin board or in your teacher’s lounge.

Use these memes graciously shared by some of our Teacher-Authors or get inspired to make your own!

Friendly Animals Share TpT

Presto Plans: TpT memes
Presto Plans
  • Presto Plans made this fun play on “The dog ate my homework.” Her experience with TpT? “I’ve heard people say that if you find a job you love you will never work a day in your life. I definitely feel that way about teaching, and I also feel that way about being a seller on TpT (which I now consider my second job!). Aside from the financial benefits, I have found it so rewarding to know that the resources I create for my students are also helping students all around the world!”
Dynelle Dunn: TpT memes
Dynelle Dunn
  • Dynelle Dunn has this to say about her TpT experience: “Teachers Pay Teachers has made me a better, more confident teacher and I’ve loved every minute of being a part of this amazing company. I love that teachers are finally be recognized for all of the extra time and work they put into their jobs. The extra money is great, but getting feedback that says ‘This is amazing, my students loved this activity’ is priceless! Thank you TPT.”
Common Core Galore and More: TpT memes
Common Core Galore and More
Teaching in the Tongass: TpT memes
Teaching in the Tongass

Modern & Colorful Ways to Share TpT

Christine O'Brien: TpT memes
Christine O’Brien
Erin Waters: TpT memes
Erin Waters
  •  How’s this for some old-school Las Vegas style fun? Christine O’Brien put that rendition together.
  • And the ever-popular turn on the “Keep Calm and Carry On” meme is brought to you by Erin Waters who says, “Becoming a TPT seller was my best decision of 2013! In such a challenging field, it has been so energizing and motivating to meet and become a part of such a positive, uplifting, and supportive community of educators. It’s so rewarding to create things for my own classroom that I can also share with other teachers around the world. I’ve grown so much and I am looking forward to many more years with TpT!”
Lindsay Perro: TpT memes
Lindsay Perro
Scribble Doodle and Draw: TpT memes
Scribble Doodle and Draw
  • Lindsay Perro has been able to be a stay at home mom for a few years because of TpT — “TpT has given me two of the greatest gifts possible, more time with my family and the opportunity to do a job I LOVE. Thanks to this amazing company, I’ve been able to take a few years out of the classroom to do the best job on the planet — be a mom to my two sweet children.”
  • Scribble Doodle and Draw gets right to the point with their meme.
  • Crayonbox Learning is a TpT veteran Teacher-Author who helps new Teacher-Authors and her community. Her thoughts? “Becoming a seller on TpT has blessed my life in more than one way. The income portion has made it possible for me to help my family, as well as participate in some {fundraising} projects to ‘give back.’ Something that I truly believe in. TpT has also provided opportunities to network with teacher sellers from all over the world! It’s such an amazing community! I treasure the friendships that have been developed since becoming a TpT seller. There is also the aspect of creating resources that help children learn. There is no greater feeling than knowing something that I created helped a student grasp a concept that he or she may have been having trouble with. I feel like I am a part of something truly special.”
Poppydreamz Digital Art: TpT memes
Poppydreamz Digital Art
  • Need a banner for your stationary that subtly reminds folks where they can find inspiration? Poppydreamz Digital Art has got you covered! She says, “I think my meme button really says it all — TpT is where you find Collaboration, Inspiration, and Freedom! I was trying to earn some extra money selling digital designs on another site, but was really having a tough time finding my niche. I made a couple of alphabet and math sets which some teachers from TpT must have found; because in one week, I had 3 different teachers ask if they could create products using my clipart to sell on TpT. So, I decided to check it out myself. Well, obviously, I joined immediately! I have collaborated with wonderful teacher-sellers to help them create fun products. I am inspired daily by all the wonderful products and ideas running rampant in the forums. The freedom of being financially able to do things for my family that I hadn’t done before is only increasing as I continue this exciting trek. This journey has been fabulous so far and I can’t wait to see where it takes us all!”

More Fun Ideas to Share TpT

KTP on TpT: TpT memes
KTP on TpT
Dots of Fun: TpT memes
Dots of Fun
A Sketchy Guy: TpT memes
A Sketchy Guy







Maggie's Files: TpT memes
Maggie’s Files
  • Maggie of Maggie’s Files sums it up nicely when she says, “TpT has improved my ability to teach effectively, which has a positive impact on my students. Being able to create these products has energized and inspired me to become a better teacher. Since I started my journey at TpT a year ago, I have learned an extraordinary number of things from the amazing teachers in the forums. As a result of this I feel that I have a purpose at TpT and I am looking forward to an amazing 2014.”


The featured image collage is a collection of meme’s from the following Teacher-Authors:

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