With over 4 million resources available on TpT, we’ve heard from our educator community that it can sometimes be hard to determine which resource will be the right fit for your specific needs. That’s why in February 2020, we made three updates to our Ratings & Reviews system so that teachers can provide more specific reviews that surface important, relevant information about a resource — like how engaging they found it and what grades they used it with.

Since we made these updates, teachers have shared over 2 million reviews in the new Ratings & Reviews system, and we’re seeing that these reviews are more likely to include specific, helpful information for other educators. In fact, the median comment length has doubled, and the frequency of reviews with more than 20 words has increased from 1 in 10 reviews to 1 in 4 reviews. That means that teachers are sharing even more about how they used a resource and in what ways it supported the specific needs of their students.

We’re excited to build on these improvements. To ensure that teachers like you are able to make informed purchasing decisions, we’ve made three additional updates to our Ratings & Reviews system. These updates will help you better understand other educators’ experiences with resources on our site, making it easier for you to choose the right resources for your students’ needs. Be sure to check out these updates the next time you’re browsing on TpT!

1. Explore Review Summaries

At the top of a resource’s Ratings & Reviews, get a quick look at how other teachers used a resource and if it worked for them. You’ll find a summary of the resource’s star ratings and a graph showing what grade levels other teachers used the resource with.

You can also see this summary by hovering over the star review at the top of a resource’s product listing.

2. Filter by Star Rating, Grade Level, Standards, and Student Population

Find out if a resource will meet your specific needs by filtering for reviews that are most relevant to you. Filter by the star rating, the grade level the resource was used with, the standards that were taught, and the student population supported.

3. View Robust and Helpful Reviews First

We’ve improved the sort order of a resource’s reviews so that the most thoughtful and helpful reviews will be listed first. 

Next time you browse TpT, we hope these improvements help you find the right resources for you. And don’t forget to share your experience with TpT resources by providing your own reviews! You’ll help other teachers know if a resource will work for them, and you’ll earn TpT credits for reviews of paid resources.