What’s new with TpT Teacher-Author Rachel Lynette? Well, something pretty darn sweet.

Rachel wanted to pay her good fortune forward. So, we challenged Rachel to name 12 new TpT Teacher-Authors to watch and she was excited to share!

Honeymoon for Rachel and Adam
Honeymoon for Rachel and Adam

“I’ve been a seller on TpT since nearly the beginning and one thing I can say for sure is that bar on quality has gone way, way up. There are some amazing new sellers out there! TpT is constantly evolving – product layouts are getting more sophisticated (and cuter), standards are being precisely targeted, new niches are being created, and technology is being integrated into more products.

Below is a list of just a few of the many, many stellar new sellers on TpT. This list is in no way complete. These are just a few people that happen to be on my radar at this moment (or have been recommended by some of my TpT friends). All of these sellers currently have less than 1,500 followers. If you are a Buyer, I hope you will find some new Sellers to follow. If you are a Seller, I hope you will feel inspired to make your store the best it can be. And don’t forget to follow and comment if you like what you see!”

Rachel Lynette’s 12 New Teacher-Authors to Watch

Michael Friermood1. Michael Friermood  (The Thinker Builder)

Michael has a unique approach. His products are clearly laid out original and fun. I think his store is aptly named as his products really will get kids to think in new and creative ways. Here is his most recent freebie on Procedural Writing.


2. SecondgradealisciousSecondgradealiscious

I like a lot of what this primary seller does, but was especially drawn to her Poem of the Week products. She uses original poems (which I assume means she writes them herself) to teach a host of skills. Try one for free.


Science and Math with Mrs. Lau3. Science and Math with Mrs Lau

I am perhaps not the best qualified to select a high school seller since that is not at all my area, but what I like about Mrs. Lau’s products is that they are original and so intentional in design. Try this Classification freebie.


4. Susan Morrow (Keep ‘Em Thinking)Susan Morrow

I like Susan’s work because it’s cute and inviting without being overwhelming. Many of her products have a softer feel to them that I find appealing. However, she also does bright and colorful, as in these free Multiple Intelligence posters.


Science Doodles5. Science Doodles

I am really intrigued by all the hand drawn pictures in this seller’s products. I also love that this Conservation Interactive Notebook freebie has a video showing you how to assemble the foldable.


6. Amy GroesbeckAmy Groesbeck

I am so impressed with how some of these newer sellers use photos to show their products in action, and Amy is one of them. Nice variety in this store. Here is a free Whole Brain Teaching poster set.


Teacher Trap7. Teacher Trap

This seller’s units are really well put together – looks like she provides everything you would need. The activities are really engaging – I think they would really hold students’ attention. You’ll see what I mean with this Reading is Thinking freebie.


8. Mr Elementary MathMr Elementary Math

What I love about this guy is that he uses color and images to break down math concepts in ways that students can understand. For a good example, check out this Multiplication Strategies freebie.


Second Grade is Out of this World9. Second Grade is Out of this World

Here is a newer seller who has carved out a niche for herself. Love these Pick a Prompt products for primary. Here’s one to try for free.


10. Terri IzattTerri Izatt (Kinder Kapers)

The activities in this store are just right for the younger set. Her products seem to be complete and I like the clip art she chooses – some of it is different than I often see in primary products. Try this freebie for Thanksgiving.


Right Brain Kid11. Right Brain Kid

This seller is pretty new – just 11 products in her store, but she has a great start. First off, she has nailed branding. Second, her content is spot-on. And she has a sense of humor too. Check out this early freebie for Christmas.


12. I am Bullyproof MusicI am Bullyproof Music

So this one is a little different because she sells music videos with activities to go along with them. There are two things I especially love about this store. First, the messages in the videos are so uplifting and important for kids, and second, Lessia is about the sweetest person on the planet. Seriously, she is. Check out this free video and share it with your students.


Super great, Rachel! Thanks! We love welcoming new voices to TpT.

Rachel sends her special thanks to Tessa Maguire, Blair Turner, and Laura Candler for help with this project.