Celebrate Pride Month: Activities for Students

The arrival of June brings with it the celebration of Pride. In addition to being a celebration of all that the LGBTQ+ community has accomplished, this month is also meant to be a recognition of the decades-long — and still ongoing — fight for equal rights. If you’re looking to celebrate Pride Month at your school, here are some activities for students that you can use year-round to highlight LGBTQ+ history and foster conversations about acceptance, identity, and promote tolerance amongst your students.

Resources for Teaching about LGBTQ+ History and Acceptance

These Pride Month activities can be used with students to highlight the contributions, history, and experiences of the LGBTQ+ community or prompt thoughtful conversations about LGBTQ+ inclusivity and acceptance in the classroom during the month of June and beyond.

LGBTQ+ History Poster Set

LGBTQ+ History Poster Set by Nouvelle ELA
6th-12th Grade

Research Guide Activity: LGBTQ+ Trailblazers

LGBTQ Trailblazers Essay Research Guide l Distance Learning by The Language of Educational Art
6th-10th Grade

LGBTQ Support Group Interactive Notebook Activity

LGBTQ Support Group Interactive Journal FREEBIE: Grades 7-12 #kindnessnation by The SuperHERO Teacher
7th-12th Grade

5 TEACHER TIPS For A More LGBTQ+ Inclusive Classroom by Queer Kid Stuff
Not Grade Specific

Social Skills | Be Proud Book | We are all People | Pride Day by Looks Like Language
Not Grade Specific

LGBTQ+ Pride Month Activity Pack Grades 1-2 by School Qube
1st-2nd Grade

Easel Activity Included: This resource includes an interactive version of the PDF that you can assign to students to complete on a device, using Easel by TpT. Learn more.

To discover more resources for teaching students about Pride and LGBTQ+ issues, browse digital resources on TpT.