Presidents’ Day is the perfect opportunity to explore the great legacies of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and other presidential leaders. Here are some special lessons, assignments, and activities to share with your class this month.

For Littler Learners:

Great Presidents {a mini-unit about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln}: Presidents' Day
Great Presidents {a mini-unit about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln}

Amanda Richardson recently started using Great Presidents {a mini-unit about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln} with her kindergarteners — they adore it! 

Literacy Without Worksheets’ President’s Day Report freebie helps students improve research skills and remember facts about different presidents. With Catherine Reed – The Brown Bag’s Stars and Stripes: True/False Math Statements freebie, students have the opportunity to compare number words and place value in a fun and patriotic way.

Simply Skilled in Second’s students enjoy making their very own President’s Day Flip Flap Lapbook. “This holiday is really a wonderful way to incorporate the CCSS for reading information text,” she adds. Amy’s SMART Designs, who’s taught 3rd and 4th grade for over 25 years recalls a popular project among her students called President Bio Bottle Buddies. “… we researched presidents, and the kids made awesome presidential bottle buddies at home. When they brought them to school that day, they were so proud of their work. It was like a lil’ presidential parade down the hallway… They talked about presidents for the rest of the year!”

Revising and Editing Passages with Presidents' Theme: Presidents' Day
Revising and Editing Passages with Presidents’ Theme

4th grade teacher Rosie’s Resources says that during this time of year, her classroom is filled with books about the presidents. “We devour [the books] during lit circles and guided reading. We continue our cross-curricular study of the presidents in our language arts block using my Revising and Editing Passages with Presidents’ Theme.” Elementary Matters and her 4th grade class have fun comparing and contrasting the presidents after reading about them. She has some great product and book suggestions on her blog!

Thanks to Presidents’ Day & Election Day {Voting} Fun!, Curriculum Castle’s students get to participate in their very own election. “They’re always very excited to fill out their own voter registration cards and ballots!” she says. And as the librarian at an elementary school, The Library Patch loves recommending specific books about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to teachers. She also directs them to other special presidential resources.

For the Older Set:

Help Wanted: President of the United States Writing Activities: Presidents' Day
Help Wanted: President of the United States Writing Activities

In Aspire to Inspire’s 5th grade Social Studies class, students apply for the job of president by writing their own cover letters. Here’s the full activity set: Help Wanted: President of the United States Writing Activities. Gina Kennedy and her class read What Does the President Do? by Amanda Miller. They discuss the Executive Branch of government and the responsibilities of the president and also complete US President/Presidents Day Differentiated Research Projects Menu.

Green is the theme in Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy’s middle school life science classes. “[We focus mostly on] Theodore Roosevelt, who is considered to be the first ‘green’ president as he created more of a culture of ecology in the U.S. than any other president before him. We discuss how he aided in the field of environmentalism and set up an infrastructure to preserve and protect our natural resources.” And in Kayse Morris’ 6th grade class, they work with her Barack Obama Mini Unit (Craftivities and Activities Pack) to learn more about the nation’s current president.

Thanks to The American Presidency: A Group Research Project from The Daring English Teacher, her high schoolers “…get to work together, learn through inquiry, and also participate in cross-curricular curriculum.”

More Presidents’ Day Resources:

“I do the very best I know how — the very best I can; and I mean to keep on doing so until the end.” – Abraham Lincoln