To engage students in learning and prepare them for the world outside the classroom, incorporating technology into instruction has become a necessity. As a result, teachers are increasingly turning to online, device-based resources, and TpT Teacher-Authors are responding to this growing demand. Now, with TpT’s new feature that supports resources made with Google Apps, it’s even easier for educators to share and discover innovative online resources for any grade, subject, or specialty.

Ready to see some of the creative online resources on TpT? Here are just a few examples:

Arctic Animals Digital Pixel Art Magic Reveal MULTIPLICATION 

by Erintegration

Grades 2 – 4

“This Digital Pixel Art featuring arctic animals and an environmental theme is ideal for winter or anytime! Have students solve multiplication problems to AUTO-GENERATE one of five arctic- themed pixel art images in Google™ Sheets (or Microsoft Excel™), as well as a ‘secret message.’ This self-checking, EDITABLE, digital activity works with ANY device with Google™ Sheets (iPads, Chromebooks, and more) and includes four differentiated versions.”

Project Based Learning for Math Google Drive Activities: Plan A Party PBL 

by Glitter in Third

Grades 3 – 4

“This online activity puts your students in the shoes of a party planner as they utilize their measurement and budgeting skills to plan a friend’s birthday party! This online resource is 100% online and can be used on Google Classroom and Google Drive.

Plan A Party is a math project-based learning activity (PBL) that results in creating a party for a friend. Students practice managing a budget, calculating area and perimeter, converting U.S. customary measurements, and adding decimals. Along the way, students will make real-life decisions, all while practicing their vital measurement skills, developing 21st-century skills, communicating, and designing.

This PBL is self-differentiating, meaning students have the ability to work at their own pace and go as deep as they would like to with their learning.”

Kindergarten Blends and Digraphs Bundle for Google Classroom 

by Keri Brown

Grades PreK – 1

“Google Classroom use in the primary grade is so much fun! Grab your laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads and dive into the world of Google Classroom. My primary students love using paperless resources to become even more engaged in our daily learning. If you don’t have technology for your students yet, you can still use this resource. Open this Google Slides resource on your Smartboard and use for whole group learning. It’s also great for student use during independent time.

This resource focuses on blends and digraphs. It includes seven slides for beginning blends and three for digraphs. The blends include r, l, and s blends. The digraphs included are sh, ch, ph, wh, and th. Students have to move the blend/digraph to the correct picture.”

5 FREE Digital Graphic Organizers for Google Classroom and Google Drive 

by Mr Mault’s Marketplace

Grades 2 – 6

“Digital graphic organizers are perfect for a classroom using Google Classroom with their kiddos. Included here are five graphic organizers that you can share with your students through Google Classroom or Google Drive, which they can then type directly into, and then share back with you!”

These are only a few of the many online resources for Google Apps that are available on TpT, so be sure to browse our site for even more inspiration and ideas. You can also learn more about online resources on TpT here.