This year, the combined effects of COVID slide and summer slide mean that supporting student learning over the summer is more critical than ever.  But how can families support summer learning in a sustainable way, especially after several stressful months of distance learning? To make it as easy as possible to feel confident in supporting your child’s education, we’ve put together this collection of fun, teacher-created activities and a simple schedule to try for at-home learning.

Selecting Summer Learning Resources

Before you get started, an important note:

Summer should first and foremost be a time to rest and recharge. So if adding these activities to your summer schedule isn’t possible, don’t worry! There are already so many learning opportunities that naturally present themselves at home. Your kids can:

  • Practice math and reading skills by helping cook dinner
  • Develop logic skills by playing a board game
  • Play outside to explore nature
  • And so much more!

We encourage kids to be active and for learning to be engaging — but not stressful for students or families. If adding structured learning to your summer calendar is something your family can support, keep reading to find out how to get started with using the resources in this post and finding more resources on TpT.

Which resources should you use? 

On TpT, there are millions of fantastic, teacher-created resources that are trusted by educators, engaging for students, and easy for families to use at home. On our site, feel free to take a look through the full array of summer resources our Teacher-Authors are offering. Try these tips for searching TpT for the best resources for your family:

  • Search TpT using filters like grade range or subject area.
  • Use relevant keywords in your search, such as “distance learning,” “summer activities,” or “independent work packet.”
  • Try narrowing your search by selecting “Homeschool” and the appropriate grade level.
  • Get started with distance learning-specific resources here.

But to make it easy for you to get started, we’ve curated below a list of PreK-5 resources for summer learning. The resources in this list have either been created specifically for families to use this summer, or they can easily be translated for at-home use. For each subject area — reading, math, writing, science, and social emotional learning —  you’ll find resources appropriate for different age groups. If more than one resource supports your child’s grade level, you can visit the resource product pages to learn more about what’s included and choose the best fit.

How should you use these resources? 

The amount of time spent on structured learning will look different for every family and every age group, and you should follow a schedule that’s sustainable for you. For those who need a starting point, here’s how you might structure your child’s learning time each day.


  • 20 – 30 minutes: Read and complete a comprehension activity
  • 10 – 20 minutes: Complete a math worksheet
  • 15 – 30 minutes: Work on a writing, science, or social emotional learning project 

Most families won’t be able to follow this routine every day, and that’s expected! On busy days or days of rest, the best advice is to try to make sure your child is reading if nothing else. You can find ideas for books that might interest your child in this diverse reads list from Vera, The Tutu Teacher. Or keep kids reading by sharing the comics section of the paper. As Rebecca from Edventures at Home says, “A child who reads well will be able to catch up more easily if something happens and they do fall behind academically.” 

Summer Activities for Reading

Entering K

In Summer Reading Tips for Parents(Pre-K to Kindergarten), you’ll find free tips for reading with your PreK-K child, and you can practice foundational literacy skills by following the activities in Camp Kindergarten No Prep Literacy Packet.

Summer Reading Tips for Parents(Pre-K to Kindergarten) by PreK Learning Circle

Camp Kindergarten No Prep Literacy Packet by Nicole and Eliceo

Entering 1st – 3rd Grade

Your child can read their own short book or a chapter of a book and answer questions from one of the cards included in this resource. Questions can be answered either verbally or in writing.

Guided Reading Question Cards by Miss P’s Style | TpT

Entering 3rd – 5th Grade

Have your child read a short book or chapter of a book and write their answers to the questions included in this resource.

Reading Response Bundle Distance Learning by Rachel Lynette | TpT 

Summer Activities for Math

Entering K 

This resource includes a menu of hands-on math activities that your child can complete throughout the summer. It also includes a journal with math challenges that use materials already available at home.

Summer Math Pack for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten by Pocket of Preschool

Entering 1st Grade

The summer-themed math activities in this packet will help your child review concepts they learned in Kindergarten.

Kindergarten No Prep Summer Math Review… by Karly’s Kinders

Entering 2nd Grade

Have your child work through the fun activities included in this resource to review the standards they mastered in 1st grade.

Distance Learning First Grade Math Review by Cara’s Creative Playground 

Entering 3rd Grade

This resource includes math activities — each with their own fun twist — that review concepts from 2nd grade. Have your child complete these engaging activities throughout the summer.

End of Year Math Review with a Twist {2nd Grade} by A Grace Filled Classroom

Entering 4th Grade

Simply print and use this engaging packet of activities that review math concepts learned in 3rd grade.

Third Grade Summer Math Packet and Math Review by KP Plans

Entering 5th Grade

Your child can review 4th grade math standards as they complete the activities in this easy-to-use resource.

Summer Math Packet: 4th Grade Math Review | Distance Learning Printable Packet by Kim Miller

Summer Activities for Social Emotional Learning and Social Skills

Entering K – 2nd Grade

As your child colors and completes interactive sections of these brochures, they’ll learn more about social emotional health topics, like worry and anxiety, empathy, and more. This bundle includes multiple resources that could also be purchased individually if preferred.

Social Emotional Learning Brochures K-2 by The Counseling Teacher Brandy

Entering 2nd – 5th Grade

Encourage important conversations about race and social justice with your child using the age-appropriate texts and discussion questions included in this resource.

Anti-Racism Bundle What is Race, Racism, Protesting, Discrimination Stereotypes – The Fancy Counselor

Summer Activities for Writing

Entering K – 2nd Grade

Your child can practice their writing skills with this journal, which includes 20 summer-themed writing prompts, a writer’s checklist to help students assess their work, and a rubric. 

Summer Writing Journal (K-2) NO PREP! {Distance Learning} by Curriculum Castle

Entering 3rd – 5th Grade

In this resource, you’ll find summer-themed writing prompts, graphic organizers, and fun writing paper perfect for students entering 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade.

Summer Writing Prompts 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade Writing Graphic Organizer by The Little Ladybug Shop

Summer Activities for Science

Entering K – 2nd Grade

This resource includes instructions for 10 hands-on science experiments and a journal for students to record their predictions, observations, conclusions, and questions.

Summer Science

Summer Science by Salandra Grice

Entering 1st – 3rd Grade

This resource includes activities that encourage students to discover nature. Students will create a nature walk kit, go on a nature walk, create “nature rainbows,” and make nature bracelets.

Nature Exploration {Outdoor activities celebrating the environment} by Green Grubs

Entering 3rd – 5th Grade

In this resource, students can use materials available at home to solve a STEM challenge using the engineering design process. This resource is a bundle of seven activities that could also be purchased individually if preferred.

STEM Challenges For Summer | Fun Science Activity by Love Learning STEM