Did you know the Saxons called February “Sprout-kele” due to the abundance of February kale, as well as “Solmonath” meaning “mud month” and also “cake month”? My personal preference is “chocolate month,” but whichever you prefer, these 15 phenomenal milestone achievers have a feast of resources to share with you. There is something here for every grade, with themes ranging from penguin parties to crime scene investigations. Enjoy meeting this impressive team of Teacher-Authors!

15 Phenomenal February Milestone Achievers

1. Hello Cristy Fogle and Page Tarleton from Georgia — they’re Kindergarten Squared

Try theirAddition and Subtraction: Common Core Kindergarten Math- Unit 4

Their tip: “Are you looking for resources to spice up your teaching of the Common Core Math Standards? This completely aligned unit focuses on games, lesson ideas, printables, hands on activities, and more that help your kiddos master the standards in a meaningful yet fun way!”


2. Awesome job, Angela Watson from Brooklyn, NY

Try her15 Working Memory Brain Games: Improve executive function in 5 minutes a day!

Her tip: “Do your students have trouble staying focused, following multi-step directions, copying information and taking notes, or explaining strategies? These 15 research-based brain games are designed to improve kids’ working memory in five minutes of partner game play daily for just nine weeks!”


3. High five to Jean from Brisbane, Australia — she’s The Teacher Gene

Try herSight Word Interactive Notebook Bundle: Pre-Primer

Her tip: “If you are looking for a new way (or just another way) for your students to learn and practice their sight words, why not try interactive notebooks? Fun, engaging, and hands on, these flip-flap activities are perfect for word work and centers! When complete, the notebook forms a point of reference for reinforcement.”


4. From Colorado, it’s I Love 1st Grade by Cecelia Magro

Try herNonfiction News – Close Reading and Writing Bundle- A GROWING Product

Her tip: “This product is such a value. It includes all of my close reading and writing units and is a growing product. It has a variety of uses: whole group, small group, intervention, homework, writer’s workshop, Daily 5, and guided reading groups. The easy-to-read format, amazing photographs, and engaging topics will capture all of your students’ attention and have them begging for more!”


5. Brilliant work, Brynn Allison from Philadelphia, PA

Try herCrime Scene Activity: Analyzing Primary and Secondary Source Evidence

Her tip: “In ‘The Case of the Student Teacher Gone Missing,’ students will classify primary and secondary source evidence and then analyze the relevant evidence to draw conclusions about who the guilty teacher might be. The activity can be personalized for even higher student engagement. Your students will be having so much fun, they won’t even realize they’re doing work.”


6. Introducing Rexburg, Idaho’s Carolyn Gentile — Carolyn’s Classroom 

Try herPenguin Party! Research Project, Creative Writing, Crafts, Glossary of Terms

Her tip: “A fun activity that we did with our penguin unit was to balance plastic eggs on the tops of our feet. We were trying to walk like an Emperor Penguin! I have pictures on my blog of the students doing this — it was so much fun! When I copied off the pages of the penguin report, I stapled them all together so the students could cut them out all at once — this made it a lot easier for them.”


7. Let’s hear it for Julie Smith from Chesterfield, VA — The Techie Teacher 

Try herWeathering and Erosion Pack

Her tip: “This pack has everything you need to teach the basics of weathering and erosion!”


8. Right on! It’s Kindergarten Rocks from Wisconsin

Try herWrite the Room ABC’s

Her tip: “Write the Room with ABC’s is one of my favorite activities. It incorporates all of the things I feel are important in learning and teaching young children. The pictures are fun and colorful, which can motivate students to write and explore the letters, new vocabulary, and sounds. I love activities that are fun, yet help teachers reach academic goals.”


9. Tip your hats to Hilda Ratliff

Try herCommon Core Math 7th Grade Statistics and Probability CCSS 7.SP.5-8

Her tip: “This resource contains what you need to teach Common Core Standards 7.SP.5-8 on probability and statistics. Four group activities and five teacher-led lessons with guided notes, examples, and independent practice are included. The last activity has five task cards which require students to design a simulation to determine a compound probability using data from a random number generator. This product will save you a lot of time!”


10. Applause for Adaptive Tasks by Dianne Matthews

Try herLife Skill Bundle #6

Her tip: “This product is a combination of life skills including shopping from a catalog, chores around the home, making bagel sandwiches, and matching customer orders. It also includes clip art from a few of the many talented artists here at TpT. My products are designed to help students learn valuable life and vocational skills. They are beneficial in classrooms with special needs, as well as general education settings. They have helped with speech therapy sessions, vocational time, life skill classes, transition, early finisher tasks, dramatic play, and functional curriculum. Including a variety of tasks for the classroom is essential for helping students achieve goals, and provides you with a variety of challenges for various skill levels. Some tasks may be difficult for one student, but easy for the other. The variety offers the challenges needed for all students, and with hard work and task completion, students begin to take pride in their success!”


11. A warm welcome to Angeline Stewart from Chicago

Try herGuided Reading Lesson Plans THE BUNDLE Levels A-Z

Her tip: “Having a quick and easy way to plan for guided reading is a huge timesaver! My leveled guided-reading lesson plans lay out everything you need to include in a lesson: word work, vocabulary, ‘during reading’ skills, and a wide variety of comprehension questions that range in depth and complexity. Once you have a plan for a book, you can use it again and again, tweaking it as needed for individual students or groups. Whether you’re new to teaching or a veteran, these lesson plans help ensure you’re teaching appropriate skills at each guided-reading level.”


12. Simply amazing, Cindy Saucer

Try herNumbers and Operations in Base Ten Lessons and Tests

Her tip: “This packet includes all that you will need to teach and test the standard, Numbers and Operations in Base Ten. All of the activities are Common Core-aligned, and they include partner work, interactive work, and individual work.”


13. From Florida, it’s Lisa Richling — Learning Is Something To Treasure

Try herMaking Words Mega Pack: Word Building for the Entire Year!

Her tip: “For beginning readers, it is essential to learn how to manipulate letters and sounds in words and recognize patterns to help build upon decoding and fluency. I have used this word building sequence as a regular practice in my classroom for years with positive results. This differentiated ‘Making Word Mega Pack’ is no-prep and can be used with groups of any size. It is comprised of 115 different phonics patterns for a whole year of word building at your fingertips!”


14. Hailing from Ohio, it’s Kari Hall

Try herBack-to-School-Becoming Bucket Fillers Activities Pack!

Her tip: “This packet contains all you need to start the year off the right way with your class, or you can use it any time of the year to emphasize working together and becoming a group of friends. It is focused on the book Have you Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids by Carol McCloud or How Full is Your Bucket? For Kids by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer. These materials are great resources to go along with the book. It contains materials for whole-class activities, as well as individual work, and will help your class become a community of friends!”


15. Big cheers for Jennifer Brink — also from Ohio

Try herKindergarten CCSS Morning Work MEGA Bundle! Math and Reading. 360 pages!

Her tip: “This is a bundled download of my two best-selling products! Includes 360 pages!”


Thanks to all the Teacher-Authors for showcasing these wonderful products.

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