Labor Day. Veterans Day. Presidents’ Day. Memorial Day. Independence Day. So many important U.S. patriotic holidays to recognize, and so many patriotic-themed resources on TpT to let you do just that. Of course you’ll find resources for many Canadian, Australian, European holidays as well, and from other countries, too!

Let’s start with resources from nearly 40 different TpT stores…

Taking Pride in the Red, White, and Blue

  • A Veteran's Day Emergent Reader“I love to use emergent readers to teach core concepts to my Kindergarten kids. Emergent readers are a great way to get books into kids’ hands and show parents what we’re reading and learning about. Here’s an example (and it’s a freebie!): A Veteran’s Day Emergent Reader (grades PreK-1).” – Cahill’s Creations
  • “Teaching kids with autism who have different academic levels brings new meaning to differentiated learning. In my math center, we use President’s Day Kindergartn Common Core Math Activity Count to 20 (grades PreK-2) to celebrate the day. It has a Kindergarten Common Core theme complete with cubes, a tens frame, and an array of stars.” – Autism Educators
  • 4th of July Kids Craftivity“I created my 4th of July Kids Craftivity (grades PreK-3) because I love when cut-and-paste projects are incorporated into learning. It makes learning memorable and fun! This resource includes directions and patterns for students to make a patriotic boy or girl. There are also a few different writing prompts to choose from, one of which is, ‘I can celebrate the 4th of July by…’ that allows students to talk about the ways in which they celebrate the 4th of July with their families. A great talking point for the classroom! This resource also comes with other fun worksheets that go along with the theme.” – Laura Bensley
  • A Million Thanks ~ Cards to Soldiers ~ Freebie!“I have a great freebie! There is a wonderful organization that mails cards to soldiers and veterans for all the major holidays and patriotic holidays. I designed cards for students decorate and write a message to soldiers. All the information regarding how to send the cards is within the download and description. Here’s the complete resource: A Million Thanks ~ Cards to Soldiers ~ Freebie! (grades PreK-3).” – Curriculum to the Core
  • “Get out the crayons, glue, and glitter — and get ready to celebrate America’s birthday, with my 4th of July Craft FREEBEE (grades PreK-3).” – Teacherscrapbook
  • “Coming from a military family, it’s important to me to incorporate the patriotic theme as much as possible. My store is still a newer store but I do have several patriotic products available. I’m most proud of my Veterans Day Math and Literacy Activities (Common Core Aligned) resource (grade K). It includes 50 pages of Common Core aligned activities. Many pages can double as assessment pages and are geared towards the Kindergarten grade level but can easily be differentiated as needed.” – Kimberly
  • Celebrate Constitution Day! {Activities for Younger Children}“Since Congress has passed a law requiring that all public schools teach about the U.S. Constitution on September 17th, I’ve created a primary grade unit called Celebrate Constitution Day! {Activities for Younger Children} (grades K-2). The unit includes an original story called “A Constitution for Liberty Pond” that helps bring the concept of a constitution into terms young children can understand. It also includes an easy reader about the Constitution (student and teacher edition), posters on the three branches of the government and the Preamble, a worksheet for the class to create their own constitution, and a quick reference fact sheet for teachers about the Constitution.” – Sarah Warner
  • American Flag Unit: Flag Day, Independence Day (Patriotic Holidays)!“During patriotic holidays, we love to have students reflect on the American Flag and the importance of this symbol. Our unit covers the Pledge of Allegiance, the Star-Spangled Banner, and a fun flag facts craftivity. Along with various math and literacy activities, we’ve included a patriotic hat template that students can decorate and wear to celebrate any patriotic holiday! Here’s the whole unit: American Flag Unit: Flag Day, Independence Day (Patriotic Holidays)! (grades K-2)” – Curriculum Castle
  • “The patriotic holidays of Veterans Day and Memorial Day are days to remember the men and women of our armed forces who willingly put their country before themselves. I try to impart to the children the history and importance of the holidays as well as the amazing courage of these men and women. Here’s my Memorial Day resource: Memorial Day: A Day to Remember Those Who Gave All (grades K-2). You’ll find my Veterans Day resource in my store as well. And be sure to check out my Memorial Day blog post — included is a freebie!” Practice Makes Perfect 
  • “I created my America Literacy and Math Pack – Centers, Activities for All Patriotic Holidays resource (grades K-2) to be flexible so teachers get the most for their money. It has 30+ activities, and teachers can therefore use it for multiple holidays throughout the year. It’s full of great hands-on activities that students really enjoy! It’s also available as just the America Math Pack and the America Literacy Pack. Take a look in my store!” – Sallie Borrink
  • America, the Beautiful - An Introduction to American Symbols“We created a forever freebie called America, the Beautiful – An Introduction to American Symbols (grades K-3) in honor of 9/11 a few years back. We use it to teach about American symbols in our classroom at the beginning of the school year. It can be used for any patriotic holiday and is a great way to introduce American symbols to little citizens. Here are two blog posts that accompany this lesson: Liberty Bell How To (a craftivity!) and We Will Never Forget…America, the Beautiful Freebie.” – Fluttering Through First Grade
  • “My Memorial Day Poem and Writing Paper (grades K-3) freebie is geared toward primary age students to help them understand the meaning of the holiday.” – Theresa’s Teaching Tidbits
  • Patriotic Reading and Writing/President's Day/Independence Day“We love our patriotic holidays! Here’s Patriotic Reading and Writing/President’s Day/Independence Day (grades K-4) as well as a blog post describing when my resource students baked Abraham Lincoln’s favorite cake!” – Special Ed Pro
  • “When I think of Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Patriot Day, I think of the men and women who put their lives on the line every day for our freedom. In countless ways, these men and women show remarkable bravery. It takes a special kind of person to put the needs of others ahead of their own. I created this acrostic printable (flip flap) HERO booklet as a way of honoring our heroes. Each page has a different letter on it, and when it’s put together, the finished booklet spells HERO; it can be adapted for any hero. Here it is: HERO Printable Flip Flap Booklet {Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day} (grades K-5).” – Crayonbox Learning
  • Creating a Positive Classroom Community - Our Blessings Jar“We have various patriotic holidays during the school year. I came up with this Creating a Positive Classroom Community – Our Blessings Jar resource (grades K-6) as a way to give thanks for what we have and what people have given to us during these patriotic holidays. We place our “blessings” in the jar over the course of a year and read them on the last day. This initiates rich conversations and wonderful reflections about what we should give thanks for.” – Sandra Naufal
  • Patriotic Symbols for the United States – Lapbook (grades 1-2) has all you’ll need to create an awesome lapbook about United States patriotic symbols with your students. This lapbook is easily created by any learner. I love using lapbooks because they’re a wonderful way for children to display a unit of study. It will aid in solidifying content that is being taught and can be used as a reference tool. Children will love looking at their patriotic symbols over and over again.” – The Imagination Nook
  • FREEBIE Summer Seasonal Math Printable Color By The Code Puzzle“Check out my FREEBIE Summer Seasonal Math Printable Color By The Code Puzzle (grades 1-2) and Flag Day Activity Thematic Unit For Primary Grades resource (grades 1-3). Find additional patriotic-themed resources in my store!” – Irene Hines
  • “My American Flag Informational Booklet resource (grades 1-3) includes facts about who first made the American flag, what the parts of the flag symbolize, and much more! ” – I Heart Curriculum
  • We have individual lessons for each of the national holidays from Labor Day to Independence Day and a National Holidays Bundle featuring all 12 of our National Holiday lessons. Here’s the complete bundle: National Holidays Bundle-Common Core Aligned! (grades 1-3). – Splash! Publications
  • Memorial Day and More! Bundle {Flag Day & 4th of July Too-1st/2nd/3rd Grade}“My Memorial Day and More! Bundle {Flag Day & 4th of July Too-1st/2nd/3rd Grade} resource (grades 1-3) contains kid-friendly informational text paired with reading comprehensions and meaningful writing activities to help students gain a better understanding of each holiday.” – First Grade Shashay
  • “We’ve created a great 9-11 project called 9-11 Heroes: Thanking Our First Responders (grades 1-5) that was very well-received in our classes last year.” – Thank a Teacher
  • Patriotic Bundle Watch, Think, Color Games - EXPANDING BUNDLE“My hubby just retired from the Marine Corps, so my store wouldn’t be complete without some Patriotic Watch, Think, Color games! These are great because each design comes in a variety of skills, making differentiation a breeze. Individual students or small groups work on skills they need, but the whole class ends up with the same finished product. Here’s the ever-growing bundle: Patriotic Bundle Watch, Think, Color Games – EXPANDING BUNDLE (grades 1-6).” – The Primary Techie
  • “With my fun Independence Day/4th of July ~ Freebie! (grades 1-4), students use the graphic organizers to brainstorm ways they celebrate the 4th of July. They then write a narrative on the pages provided. I also have an Informative Writing ~ U.S.A. Symbols Research Project {Common Core} resource (grades 2-4). Students research and write about government buildings, statues, memorials, symbols, songs, and oaths. They then create a patriotic report booklet. This is a great project to do around patriotic holidays or any time of year.” –  Lisa Lilienthal
  • Patriotic Colors Cut Paper Abstract Collage Art Lesson“I have two patriotic colors collage art lessons (variations for younger and older elementary students). They include introductions that have students talking about symbols and looking at and discussing the art of Jasper Johns or Alexander Calder. Both make connections to Language Arts. These art lessons are always successful, create fabulous wall decorations, and are great for those who want to do something a little different. Here’s the one geared toward older elementary students: Patriotic Colors Cut Paper Abstract Collage Art Lesson (grades 2-5). You’ll also find the K-1 version in my store!” – Renee Goularte Share2Learn
  • “I have a Read Across the USA project that can be done classwide or schoolwide. Districtwide, even! Here it is: Read Across The USA {A Reading Project} (grades 2-6).” – Everyone DeServes to Learn
  • Roadtrip Washington DC (Suitcase Activity Book)“With my foldable Roadtrip Washington DC (Suitcase Activity Book) (grades 3-5), kids take a “virtual” road trip to Washington, D.C. where they learn about important buildings, monuments, and much more. They read short passages and complete coordinating activities.” – SunnyDaze
  • “I have several patriotic resources in my store and am currently working on one about the Constitution. My favorite is my Juneteenth A Freedom Celebration Scavenger Hunt (grades 3-5) resource. It’s my favorite because so few know about this celebration and I get to teach so many people about it!” – Ann Fausnight
  • “I have many patriotic-themed resources in my store including Webquest -June 14th- Flag Day- Grades 4-7. I confess to being partial to Flag Day. It’s my birthday.” – Linda McCormick
  • “I have several “What Do You Know?” freebies I created for different sets of patriotic holidays. I use each of the five-question, multi-choice quizzes as an anticipatory set to introduce the holiday. The questions pertain to the dates, purpose, and history of each of the holidays. I tried to group each freebie according to the seasons during which the holidays fall. Here’s an example: What Do You Know? Patriot Day, Constitution Day, and Columbus Day (grades 4-8).” – Aspire to Conspire
  • American Flag WebQuest and Flag Designing Activity“My American Flag WebQuest and Flag Designing Activity (grades 5-7) is great for Independence Day and any time you want to teach about American symbols.” – La-Nette Mark
  • “My Order of Operations: Stars and Stripes FREEBIE (grades 5-8) helps student practice order of operations and evaluation of expressions in the context of fun, American-themed problems! This riddle sheet activity is perfect for review around Memorial Day, Presidents Day, or any day!” – Math in the Middle
  • “I wrote Honor Our Heroes: Readers’ Theater Script for Veterans Day or Memorial Day (grades 5-9) for my upper elementary students to read on Veteran’s Day. It includes parts for 27-30 readers so that everyone in the class can participate! In the script, a group of students tour the various war memorials and monuments in Washington D.C. The characters visit with service men and women and quickly discover the many sacrifices that our service people make for our country.” – Deb Hanson
  • “I like to use my bingo game resources to remind students about the history behind Independence Day. Here’s 13 Colonies Bingo (grades 8-12). You can also find American Revolution Bingo (grades 5-12) in my store.” – History Gal
  • Labor Day: What is the History behind this Holiday? (A guide to Labor Day!)“I have a Labor Day lesson called Labor Day: What is the History behind this Holiday? (A guide to Labor Day!) (grades 6-9) that I use to teach the about the holiday right when school begins in the fall. I also have similar resources for Veterans Day and Memorial Day. No matter the occasion, it’s important that students learn to appreciate and recognize the sacrifices our military personnel have made for our country. These resources engage students in both content and fun activities. Students complete short, chunked text regarding the holiday, have fun with a close-reading crossword activity, then write a newspaper article about what they’ve learned!” – Mr Educator – A Social Studies Professional 
  • Memorial Design & Speech Writing with "The Gettysburg Address" Inspired Writing“My American Literature class (like many across the country) is required to read ‘The Gettysburg Address,’ a foundational document of historical and literary significance. To make the reading of it more interesting for my high school juniors, I’ve developed a lesson inspired by their reading of the speech. After completing a close reading of it, students then design memorials and write speeches to honor veterans and others worthy of commemoration. Because I give them choices, they’ve designed memorials and written speeches in honor of a range of interesting people and events including Rosa Parks, John F. Kennedy, Jackie Robinson, Sandy Hook, 9/11, the Trail of Tears, and the Boston Marathon victims. In fact, I think the lesson often provides them with an opportunity to process their feelings about some of the tragic events in recent years. The lesson would certainly fit with many of the patriotic holidays celebrated in the United States. Here’s the complete resource: Memorial Design & Speech Writing with “The Gettysburg Address” Inspired Writing (grades 6-12).” – OCBeachTeacher

USA Patriotic Digital Papers {20 Backgrounds}Chasing Fireworks Clipart, Frames, Badges & Paper - 4th of July, Veterans DayAnd feast your eyes on USA Patriotic Digital Papers {20 Backgrounds} from Mrs Bearfield’s Class, along with Chasing Fireworks Clipart, Frames, Badges & Paper – 4th of July, Veterans Day from Glitter Meets Glue Designs who says, “I created this clipart pack to help teachers celebrate the importance of Independence Day in glittery style!”


“Let freedom ring.”  – Samuel Francis Smith

(Thanks to Amy Lattin for the patriotic paper and The Learning Tree for the Tree Stumps font.)