Not everyone is on summer break and even if you are, we know you’re stashing away terrific resources in preparation for next year. While you’re at it, try a paragraph of the day sampler, these special needs behavior cards, and some matching games, too! Half of them are free and all of them are great. And be sure to follow the Teacher-Authors creating these awesome products!

Text Evidence Paragraph of the Day FREEBIE by The Friendly Teacher

“My Text Evidence Paragraph of the Day helps students practice those close reading strategies while teaching them about high-interest subjects. It’s also only one paragraph each day, so it’s a short close reading practice every day that engages even reluctant readers.” It’s Free! 

Fiction Reading Skills Lessons by The Friendly Teacher

“My Fiction Reading Skills Lessons are engaging and hands-on lessons for each reading standard. These lessons give students a real life applicable connection to the reading skills that they need to learn before they apply the skill to reading a text.” 

Corresponding Binder of 6 Interactive games by Autismade Tasks

“These 6 interactive matching board games will provide students with pre-reading and basic math skills. You can use these boards in a binder or singularly at your independent workstation in a structured work system.” It’s Free! 

Support Task Cards for Behaviour Management -Autism. by Autismade Tasks

“You can use these cards to provide structure in your behaviour support plans and run in conjunction with ABA management. Your students will learn new skills such as requesting ‘a break,’ ‘help,’ how to ‘wait,’ and the ‘first and then’ strategies.”