TpT Teacher-Authors are making sure you feel the luck of the Irish this St. Patrick’s Day! We’ve complied charming resources, shamrockin’ ideas, and festive fun for you to keep in your pot o’ gold. From leprechaun logic puzzles to a lesson on how St. Patrick’s Day came to America, there are plenty of resources to give your lads and lasses a whale of a time.

Leapin’ Leprechaun – St. Patrick’s Day Resources!

Leprechaun, Leprechaun: An Adaptive & Interactive St. Patrick's Day BookLeprechaun, Leprechaun: An Adaptive & Interactive St. Patrick’s Day Book (grades PreK-2), created by Speech with Megan, is a creative way to integrate speech therapy into this green and golden day. She says, “I told my students that a little leprechaun came to visit over the night and left his magic hat… so I let them wear it while we read the book! The book was created for SLPs, special educators, and early educators to target prepositions, emergent literacy skills, and expanding utterances.”

TpT’er and blogger victoria moore is sharing an activity post from her blog, Leprechaun on the Ledge, which she says “works like a lucky charm.” She explains that the Lucky Leprechaun “keeps his Irish eyes on my little lads and makes sure they are behaving.” What fun! She also has a St.Patrick’s Day-themed March Fun Freebie (grades K-2). Elementary Matters has tons o’ fun with this holiday, wearing green and playing clever games with her students. “I’ve been known to run off homework on green paper, and act surprised when I pass it out. ‘These weren’t green when I ran them off yesterday! It must have been that mischievous leprechaun!'” What a fun idea! She’s sharing her St. Patrick’s Day resource. (grades 1-3).

Susan Morrow shares her love of St. Patrick’s Day with her little leprechauns by using her St. Patrick’s Day Beginning Logic Puzzles. (grades 1-3) She says her class “has a blast trying to figure out which leprechaun can jump the highest, where leprechauns like to hide, and what types of tricks they play on us…. it’s teacher heaven!”

A Rainbow of St. Patrick’s Day Resources

St. Patrick's Day writing ~ Potato ParadeSimply Skilled In Second says, “Since I’m 1/2 Irish, I LOVE celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in my classroom. We make Irish soda bread in the classroom and eat it while we’re working. I created my St. Patrick’s Day – The Luck of the Irish Flip Flap Book™ (free, grades 1-4) for my students to make during our ELA block. They love flip flap books, and they always ask for more.”

A spud-tacular way to have fun on this holiday comes from Second Grade Stories, who’s sharing her St. Patrick’s Day Writing – Potato Parade Resource (grades 1-3). “Each year, our 2nd graders have a Potato Parade!” she says. She loves to see what her students come up with, and has seen cartoon characters, movie stars, and sports icons, to name a few. Kelly Whittier shares her Adjectives, Nouns, and Verbs St. Patrick’s Day Word Sort (grades 2-3). She explains it as “engaging for students and easy to prep for teachers! Anytime you cSt. Patrick's Day Ireland Activity Bookletan mesh practice and review of skills with holidays, it’s a good thing!”

Pinfeather Press enjoys integrating history and geography into the day with her St. Patrick’s Day Ireland Activity Booklet (grades 3-5). She used this resource with her students last year and says, “There’s a map activity that taught the students about cities and other places in Ireland, a Celtic knot work coloring/drawing page, a trivia quiz, and other fun stuff.” And here are Scienceisfun‘s thoughts: “Holidays are the perfect time to keep students engaged and learning at the same time with SCIENCE!” She’s sharing her St. Patrick’s Day Scientific Method Experiment Review Introduction with Lucky Charms (grades 3-6) — three cheers for science!

Lucky Leprechaun St. Patrick's Day Decimal Multiplication Roll FREEBIEDive over the rainbow and into the fun with “March Reading ELA Unit- St. Patrick’s Nonfiction, Poetry, Writing, Centers, Games.” This resource (grades 3-6) from Shelly Rees is “65 pages of ELA goodness, with plenty of nonfiction informational passages, worksheets, poetry, folktale, center games and activities, and writing resources to get teachers through the month of March with ease.”

Melissa O’Bryan — Wild About Fifth loves the opportunity to share this holiday with her students. She says, “As an O’Bryan, St. Patrick’s Day is special to my heart! We don’t get a lot of time in the upper grades to celebrate the holidays, so I try to squeeze in quick, content-related, holiday-themed review games when possible. Here’s a FREE math game I created for just this purpose: Lucky Leprechaun Decimal Multiplication Roll (grades 5-6).”

Secondary St. Patrick’s Day Resources

PositivelyHow St. Patrick's Day Came to America Pre-Algebra Plus highlights her St. Patrick’s Day Integer Operations Activity (grades 6-8). She says this will help your middle school lads and lasses “reinforce skills they’ve learned earlier.” Ellen Weber – Brain based tasks for upper grades has worked with leaders and teachers in Ireland, so she really enjoys celebrating this green holiday. She uses her St Patrick’s Task Cards for Non-Fiction – CCSS Aligned (grades 6-12) to keep her upper-grade students engaged.

And do you know How St. Patrick’s Day came to America? History Gal is sharing this resource (grades 7-8) on Irish immigration to the United States. She says, “It’s a fun lesson for St. Patrick’s Day that actually connects the holiday to historical events — something that is a must in the secondary classroom!”

For more middle school and high school resources, take a look at:

St. Patrick’s Day Author Purpose Worksheet from Mainly Middle School 6-8

St. Patrick’s Day Math Puzzle — Combining Like Terms (grades 8-12) and St. Patrick’s Day Math Puzzles — Solving Inequalities (grades 8-12) from The Gurgals

The Irish in the Civil War (grades 9-12) from Mr Wonderful

AlLeprechauns and More! {Creative Clips Digital Clipart}so, take a tour of St. Patrick’s Day clipart from so many terrific TpT’ers — rainbows, shamrocks, leprechauns, and pots o’ gold galore!