Let’s give a big fall welcome to 18 outstanding October milestone achievers! This group of nine amazing Teacher-Authors will introduce you to an abundance of fantastic resources! Be sure to check out Outstanding October Milestone Achievers: Part 1 for more milestone fun. Simply awesome!

9 Remarkable Milestone Achievers



1. Fantastic job, Florida’s Mariela Santillana

Try her: Daily Math and Grammar Morning Work Third Grade – COMPLETE BUNDLE

Her tip: “Your mornings will run smoothly when you build a morning routine around my morning work packet! Tip: Collect Day 5 as a quiz grade.”



2. Applause for Georgia’s Angie and Christy — they’re Freedom to Teach

Try their: STEM: ECOSYSTEMS Unit *Games* Assessment* Comprehension & Vocabulary Cards

Their tip: “This is our best-selling unit. If you teach ecosystems, then this just may be the file you’re looking for!”



3. Hello Felice Clark in Sacramento, CA — she’s thedabblingspeechie

Try her: Social Skill Breaks: Activities For The Speech Room & Classroom

Her tip: “This product is designed for both speech pathologists and teachers! Students with pragmatic disorders benefit from practicing social skill development every day in the classroom. This resource helps teachers target social skills daily without taking up valuable teaching time. All students can learn something from these quick 5-20 minute lessons!”



4. Magnificent work, MissKinBK from NYC

Try her: Sticky Mats for Reading Strategies {Upper Elem.} Editable

Her tip: “Too often, students only apply one strategy when they read. This product makes it easier to guide students to apply a variety of strategies. There are prompts on each mat to help students think more deeply about their texts. You can use these sticky mats for guided reading, independent reading practice, or even homework. After teaching a strategy, you might consider laminating the sticky mats and adding them to your reading center.”



5. Way to go, Kristin Dammacco

Try her: A Bundle Every 3rd grade Math teacher NEEDS CCSS aligned

Her tip: “Check out my store! I make my products fun and easy to access for teachers.”



6. Hello, Daniel Clapero of Shakopee, MN — he’s History Wizard

Try his: American Revolution Webquest and Teacher Answer Sheet

His tip: “Many students find textbooks unengaging and stale. Take advantage of student-centered websites and allow students to interact with technology whenever possible. Great webquests help with classroom management because students are more focused when using technology and it’s easier for the teacher to focus on the needs of individual students. I always look for new, exciting Social Studies websites that allow students to have a ‘virtual museum’ experience, explore an important historic event, or add depth to the historical time period we’re studying.”



7. Nicely done, Ms-Lies — aka Kimberly Lies of Andale, KS

Try her: Super Sleuth Reference Sources Task Cards

Her tip: “I like to project this resource for all to see and have students fill in the worksheet as we go. This product spurs great learning conversations and ignites student interest. It can also be printed out as task cards and placed in a classroom center.”



8. Take a bow, Jennifer Robinson in Saint Joseph, Michigan

Try her: 3rd Grade Common Core Math Assessments & Student Data Graphing {Bundled}

Her tip: “Pre- and post-testing concepts help on so many levels. They assist a teacher in analyzing what needs to be taught and what doesn’t, show students the growth they’ve made in learning, and provide useful data.”



9. Positively spendid, Lindy du Plessis

Try her: Nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and pronouns – ELA L.3.1.A

Her tip: “I love technology! Interactive PowerPoints are perfect for teaching and reviewing concepts. Students love the bright colors and interactive slides. The use of individual whiteboards throughout the presentations motivates students to stay on task and gives the teacher instant feedback. This bundled set of PowerPoints is great, and everything is there: explanations, quiz questions, interactive slides, and links to YouTube videos and online games. There are even worksheets that can be used for review. It’s so easy; all you need to do is click and teach!”


Way to go! Remember: You’ll find nine more milestone achievers right here — they’re showcasing fantastic fall resources including pumpkin activities, fire safety units, games, and much more!