We’re rolling into October like bright, bouncing pumpkins and could not be more excited to celebrate 18 new milestone achievers this week! You can learn about nine of these talented Teacher-Authors right here, all offering creative resources for your young learners. And make sure to go to Outstanding October Milestone Achievers: Part 2 for more milestone fun. Outstanding, everyone!

9 Outstanding Milestone Achievers 


1. You did it, Jodi Southard from Indiana

Try her: Games Galore {The Bundle}

Her tip: “Teachers spend so much time prepping for lessons and activities every day. These NO PREP games are the perfect supplement for teaching and reviewing important math and language skills in a fun and engaging way. Your students will love playing them so much that they won’t even realize they’re learning.”



2. Erin from Florida is Having Fun In Kinder

Try her: Phonics Printables MEGA Unit

Her tip: “Help your students master their phonics skills with my Phonics Printables MEGA Unit. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. Just press print and you’re ready to go!”



3. Applause for Christy & Tammy —  Fluttering Through First Grade

Try their: Listening Activities for Common Core ~ Listen Up!

Their tip: “Listening is not optional in our classroom, yet we’ve found more and more the need to consistently teach our students how to listen up for learning! We use these auditory activities weekly with our learners. The kids think they’re playing a game on how well they can listen, but they’re actually learning and meeting standards the whole time because we’re keeping it fun! Shhh… ;)”



4. Kudos to Kathryn Garcia from Texas

Try her: Sentence Stems to Practice Reading Strategies in Reader’s Workshop

Her tip: “One of the great joys in life is enjoying the many layers of what we read. Using strategies from the very beginning of learning how to read helps form habits for a lifetime of reading enjoyment. ‘Thinking About Our Reading’ includes eight posters and 24 sentence stems to introduce, practice, and review strategies for reading in a fun, troll-themed way.”



5. Bravo, Elizabeth Beard

Try her: Letter Activities Bundle A-Z

Her tip: “The most important thing is to teach your children to love learning. The education will come naturally.”



6. Fantastic job, Linda and Lisa of Phoenix, AZ — they’re KinderLit

Try her: My KinderLit Thanksgiving Book

Her tip: “Is Thanksgiving only about eating turkey? No! Help children create a book to learn about this important holiday. We use The Pilgrims’ First Thanksgiving by Ann McGovern to learn about the events leading up to the holiday. Kindergartners become readers and writers through literature when making our KinderLit books.”



7. Dixie Selva of Helotes, TX is Teachin Little Texans

Try her: I’m Learning My Letters! {Alphabet Bracelets}

Her tip: “These alphabet bracelets are a great way to reinforce letters and sounds at school and at home. Use them in PreK or Kindergarten as part of your phonics instruction or small group time, and your kids will begin mastering their letters and sounds in no time!”



8. From Pennsylvania, it’s Heidi Dickey – My Not So Elementary Life

Try her: Fire Safety Thematic Unit & Craft

Her tip: “Thematic units, like my fire safety unit, are great ways to keep students engaged by making learning fun. Thematic units help students understand connections across the curriculum, draw connections from the real world, and make connections through a common theme. Creating my thematic units then allows for instruction to be cross-curricular and motivational. They build upon prior knowledge and allow students to demonstrate understanding in multiple ways.”



9. Spectacular job, Sandy Cangelosi of Austin, TX — she’s Sweet Integrations

Try her: Pumpkin Life Cycle: PowerPoint and Activities

Her tip: “As an instructional technology specialist, I encourage and assist teachers in integrating technology into their lessons. So, many of my products provide simple ways to implement technology. Take a look at my Pumpkin Life Cycle unit and my other life cycle products. They include informational PowerPoints and QR codes, along with a variety of interactive activities.”


Terrific resources from an outstanding group of hardworking Teacher-Authors! Don’t forget to check out nine more milestone achievers of the week! Each one has something special to share.