We’re celebrating an epic week of milestones — 18 to date, and there’s still much of the month to go! Nine of those talented Teacher-Authors are featured right here, and each one deserves a round of applause for the incredible resources they offer. You’ll find special education tools, and resources that will help your students learn music, science, social studies, Spanish, and much more. Don’t forget to take a look at Out of This World October Milestones: Part 2 to discover more milestone gems. Fantastic job, Teacher-Authors!

9 Out of This World October Milestones



1. Colorado Springs’ Mary Montero is Teaching With a Mountain View 

Try her: Place Value Detective: A Place Value Project {Enrichment, Centers, Small Group}

Her tip: “My students love putting on their detective hats and going to town on this project! They have so much fun ‘getting into character’ that they don’t even realize how much math they’re doing to solve these mysteries. I have even made my students Mystery Detective Badges to wear while they complete the project.”



2. Well done, Dale Duncan in Atlanta — he’s Music in the Middle With Mr D

Try his: S-Cubed! Complete Bundle-How to Teach Sight Singing to Middle School Beginners

His tip: “There are many sight singing books on the market. Modern technology and TpT have made it possible to offer a 21st century way to learn to teach this subject to your beginners. The PowerPoints contain 27 weeks of 10-15 minute lessons. You’ll find sight singing and rhythm examples, ‘bell ringer’ activities, assessments, and direct links to video teaching tips for each lesson as well as video links of Mr D actually teaching the lessons to his beginners. And much more. Have a great time teaching this difficult subject to your beginners! Your students will be begging to play ‘Forbidden Pattern!'”



3. Hello, Heather in Michigan — she runs The Helpful Counselor

Try her: Coping Skills: Making Good Choices Visual Aide and Activity

Her tip: “Use these coping skill cards to make an idea ring to help students calm down when they’re upset. Just print, laminate, hole punch, and attach to a ring — and you’re ready to teach child-friendly calming techniques! Keep a file folder of intervention progress monitoring forms nearby so you can grab one and document interventions in a matter of seconds!”



4. Congratulations, Creative Learning 4 Kidz

Try her: Autism Cut & Paste WH Workbook 1 ABA PECS

Her tip: “This 40-page workbook gives your child a hands-on interactive learning experience. Who, What, When, Where, and Why Skills: 48 ‘WH’ Questions. ‘WH’ definitions with activity to complete. ‘WH’ Story Recall. Answer the ‘WH’ questions for each story and sequence the events of each story. Pictures with up to six questions to answer about each item (verbal or written task). This Cut & Paste ‘WH’ Workbook 1 is a must for teaching ‘WH’ skills to your child or students. It’s a wonderful workbook for any child, especially those with Autism, PDD-NOS, Asperger’s, and/or Speech Delay. The reproducible black and white pages are great for classroom or small group instruction.”



5. Spectacular work, Scienceisfun

Try her: HOLIDAY SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS BUNDLE: 10 Inquiry lessons for all seasons!

Her tip: “What do you do with students when they’re already excited about a holiday? SCIENCE! Hands-on science activities are a great way to keep kids focused during these crazy days! Keeping students engaged with hands-on science integrated into holiday activities helps rescues the day and turns it into a fun and productive month.”



6. A warm welcome to Jill Moss of Sugar City, Idaho

Try her: Adjective Song Including Games and Learning Center Activities

Her tip: “Student engagement increases when music, movement, and games are incorporated into learning. This Adjectives Unit includes an original song, games, literacy centers, and writing prompts, which address multiple learning styles.”



7. Sensational job, Sarah — LaProfesoraFrida

Try her: Spanish Family UNIT, La Familia, Stations / Differentiated Instruction

Her tip: “Differentiation in your foreign language classroom is easy when you use stations!”



8. Let’s hear it for Long Island, NY’s Lauren Webb – A Social Studies Life

Try her: Social Studies Essay Writing!

Her tip: “Essay writing in Social Studies can be very difficult for students. This packet of tips, dos, and don’ts covers everything your students need to know for writing a document-based or thematic essay! I spend two to three days going over this entire packet with my students. Then I print in color, laminate each sheet, and keep it posted in my classroom for my students to view year-round!”



9. It’s Christine O’Donnell in Round Rock, TX — The Crazy Pre-K Classroom

Try her: Individual Guided Reading Binders for Pre-k and Kindergarten

Her tip: “Give children every tool you can to help them succeed and they will!”


We couldn’t be happier for these nine out of this world milestone achievers and their spectacular resources! Don’t forget to take a look at nine more milestone achievers in the sister post: Out of This World October Milestones: Part 2.