Bam. Wham. Alakazam! 10 TpT October Milestone Achievers are in “Fall-Effect” right here — check them out. These Teacher-Authors don’t miss a beat and we love it. Congratulations all around.

$75,000 Milestone Achievers in “Fall-Effect”

Maria Manore: Fall-Effect

1.  Maria Manore from Michigan

Try her: Fall Fun Mini Bundle of Interactive Sight Word Readers

Her tip: “Introduce a new Interactive Sight Word Reader each week during shared reading and reference the text during literacy mini-lessons. As students grow familiar with the book, the cut and paste words make a great literacy center or word work activity for the week. Once complete, students can store their collection of readers in their book boxes to proudly read again and again.”

Elementary Lesson Plans: Fall-Effect

2.  Georgia’s Molly Phillips is Elementary Lesson Plans

Try her: Math Games for an ENTIRE YEAR {grades 3-5}

Her tip: “This bundled pack is a selection of over 30 games from my store offered at a reduced price. Games are great to include in your center rotations or during math workshop. They are a fun way to review and reinforce skills throughout the year. My students have always left my class saying they are one of their favorite things from the year.”

$20,000 Milestone Achievers in “Fall-Effect”

Kimberly Geswein Fonts: Fall-Effect

3.  Kimberly Geswein Fonts from Sunny Florida

Try her: KG Primary Italics Lined and Unlined Fonts: Personal Use

Her tip: “Surround yourself with positive people and embrace hope at all times. The classroom can be a difficult place at times, and maintaining that anchor of hope in life can help us through those hard moments. This font was created specifically for teachers who need to use this handwriting style in their classrooms.”


Dragons Den: Fall-Effect

4.  Jan Bernard from Ohio is Dragons Den

Try her: It’s Time for Guided Reading…Now What Do I Do

Her tip: “Making life a little easier for teachers is why I create any resource. “It’s Time for Guided Reading…Now What Do I Do” takes one of the most difficult procedures to master, and breaks it down piece by piece into manageable bits. Guided reading can be very intimidating, and no in-service I ever attended really answered all of the questions I had. This resource is meant to do exactly that, answer questions, give a framework, and give teachers confidence with the process.”


michelle harper: Fall-Effect

5.  michelle harper

Try her: Math Interactive Notebook Bundle

Her tip: “These 7 bundled math interactive notebooks are designed to provide students with opportunities to draw it, create it, play it, write about it, explain it, and teach it to others. If they can do that, they truly understand it! I love that every notebook turns out a little different and that teachers can use them as practice, review, or assessment tools.”


Ms Joanne: Fall-Effect

6.  From British Columbia, Canada — Ms Joanne

Try her: Illustrated Phonics Word Wall: Short Vowels, Long Vowels, Blends

Her tip: “I always want to give all my students the chance to fully participate in our activities and try to create multi-purpose resources which each student can use at his/her instructional level. I use this word wall to introduce phonics word families and spelling patterns and for follow up activities. It has images for ELL students who may be able to decode the word but who aren’t sure what it means and for other students who know what the words mean but still need the picture to help with decoding. There are also longer, more varied words for more advanced students.”


Best Teacher Resources: Fall-Effect

7.  Best Teacher Resources from Michigan

Try their: Connect4 PowerPoint Template – Create Your Own Review Game

Their tip: “I’m a self-professed PowerPoint junkie and LOVE to play review games with my students before big tests and quizzes. My students’ favorite is “Connect4″ because it involves more strategy to win than the typical review game!”


Teaching My 3: Fall-Effect

8.  Heather Harris from California is Teaching My 3

Try her: Interactive Grammar Notebooks

Her tip: To this day I still recall my 1st grade teacher’s poster of the four seasons. As a visual learner, I understand the importance of giving students a visual anchor. Interactive notebooks are the perfect portable anchor charts!


Tangled Up In Teaching: Fall-Effect

 9. Texas’ Kari McDonald is Tangled Up In Teaching

Try her: All About the SEASONS: Color me Posters

Her tip: “I love creating classroom projects that are fun, engaging, relevant and easily adaptable for multiple skill levels and purposes. This set of posters can be used as a cumulative assessment, memory book page, unit introduction, partner project… and much, much more. Most importantly these activities provide an opportunity for all students to be successful. You may choose to have struggling students illustrate their answers, while the more advanced students may illustrate, write or both.”


CC: Fall-Effect


Try her: Super Social Skills

Her tip: “The details are really important! Details are what distinguish a decent product from a great one!”


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