We just finished up Learning Disabilities Awareness Month, but it’s always Learning Abilities Month as every child has ABILITIES even when they require specialized support and guidance along the way. TpT Teacher-Authors have great ideas for opening up learning to all students. Take a look:

TpT Teacher-Author Blogs & TpT Stores

Melissa toth: October Is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

  • Teacher Gems created a Disability Awareness Student Booklet (FREE) to help all students learn about different abilities. She notes, “It is important to assess children’s learning styles and multiple intelligences to see how they learn best. Many students just need to be given strategies to help them learn.” She has a Masters Degree in Special Education K–12 Learning Disabilities and a blog packed with great ideas and links to resources.

TpT Teacher-Authors on the Front Line

  • Special Education – Peggy Simpson and Primarily Au-Some are superstars! Peggy Simpson’s awards include Special Education Teacher of the Year, Horizon PAU, and Special Education Teacher of Year Los Angeles County Office of Education. While Primarily Au-Some has received The Dow Award for Excellence in Education 2013-2014. 

Hailey Deloya: October Is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

  • Hailey Deloya teaches in a self-contained classroom of students with autism. Her blog, Autism Tank is full of “autism resources and  support from a special education teacher with first–hand experience.”
  • Astute-Hoot is made up of Jennifer Zoglman, Jessica Murphy, and Tina Rataj-Berard. All seasoned teachers who’ve come together to create resources focusing on literacy, intervention, special education, and classroom management. Check out their Reading Intervention Essentials Bundle.
  • Looks Like Language is run by a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) who’s been helping students improve their communication skills for over 30 years. “Special education students benefit from picture supports, which make the meaning clearer for them, and from repeated practice using different materials and approaches to reinforce the same learning goals.” 

TpT Supports All Learning Abilities

Autism Educators: October Is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

  • Autism Educators remarks, “TpT has enhanced the learning of my students in more ways than I can ever mention here. First of all, my TpT store would not even exist if it wasn’t for my 8 ‘bundles of joy’ with Autism. If TpT did not exist, I honestly might never have learned how to create these activities in ways that capture the ‘bundles’ attention.

    Each activity that I make is used in my classroom first to determine its effectiveness. One of the things that TpT has done for all of the ‘bundles’ everywhere, is established my ability to donate a portion of my proceeds to Autism awareness and research. Thanks TpT!”


For more resources and tips, see our previous Learning Disabilities Awareness Month post.


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