It’s snowing! Well maybe not where you are, but it is here in New England and that makes me happy.

You know what else makes me happy? Milestone achievement announcements! I’m just so impressed with these Teacher-Authors and the hard work and dedication they put into their products and stores. Please join me in the “flurry” of excitement for our next round of November Notable Milestone Achievers.

$75,000 November Notable Milestone Achievers

Margaret Whisnant: Notable Milestone Achievers
Margaret Whisnant

1.  Margaret Whisnant from North Carolina

Try her: Schooled: A Novel Teaching Pack – CCSS Aligned

Her tip: “Sometimes the most humorous story can teach the most serious lessons. Author Gordon Korman is a master of this technique, and Schooled is a superlative example of how it works. There are so many teachable moments in this book, I had to force myself to stop writing ‘just one more idea’ into the unit.”


Clever Classroom: Notable Milestone Achievers
Clever Classroom

2.  Emma Farrell runs Clever Classroom

Try her: Bottle Cap Center Games for any Word List BUNDLE 30+ Games

Her tip: “Ask your students to bring in bottle caps by holding a table competition. Your class will be so excited to learn any word list in a fun, hands-on way.

Be sure to play each game with the whole class or small group before your students play independently. Use a Sharpie to write words on the caps.”


Lisa Michalek: Notable Milestone Achievers
Lisa Michalek

3.  Lisa Michalek from New York

Try her: Scientific Method Task Cards for Middle and High School

Her tip: “Reinforcement of concepts learned in the classroom is one key to student success. My Scientific Method Task Cards provided a much needed Review and Reinforcement of Science Concepts found while studying the Scientific Method.”


$20,000 November Notable Milestone Achievers

Mandy Gregory: Notable Milestone Achievers
Mandy Gregory

4.  Mandy Gregory from Kennesaw, Georgia

Try her: A Guide to Guided Reading

Her tip: “My Guide To Guided Reading is perfect for new and seasoned teachers alike! It’s jam packed with ideas to make guided reading more meaningful and engaging. This 100-page packet has ready to use materials and plenty of photographs (including full page collages).”


jivey: Notable Milestone Achievers

5.  Georgia’s Jessica Ivey is jivey

Try her: Mentor Sentences Unit: First Ten Weeks

Her tip: “If you are a grades 3-5 teacher looking for an exciting, engaging way to teach grammar and author’s craft every week, this detailed product is for you! Instead of looking at sentences full of errors, students analyze and imitate awesome sentences from some of our favorite read-alouds to become better writers. Kids actually get excited about grammar and writing when using this program!”


Got to Teach: Notable Milestone Achievers
Got to Teach

6.  California’s Melissa is Got To Teach

Try her: Get to the Root of It! Complete Greek and Latin Root Word Resource {Books 1 & 2}

Her tip: “Almost 70% of the English language is derived from Latin and Greek languages. When students learn these ‘building blocks’ it becomes easy for them to recognize and decode unfamiliar words that are related to known roots. It’s also increasingly important to explicitly teach students the meanings of Greek and Latin roots and affixes as they encounter the very technical vocabulary found in science and other content areas.”


Teaching 4 Real: Notable Milestone Achievers
Teaching 4 Real

7.  Pamela Roundtree from Georgia is Teaching 4 Real

Try her: Mental Math Madness: Number Sense Fluency

Her tip: “I love helping students become experts at not only mental math but multistep problem solving. So I created a differentiated game to help with both! This game can be a part of guided math, centers, or even a jumpstart to math instruction to increase numbers sense and math fluency!”


Kimberly Edgerton: Notable Milestone Achievers
Kimberly Edgerton

8.  Kimberly Edgerton from South Carolina

Try her: American Symbols Thematic Unit

Her tip: “This product is full of information for teachers and engaging activities for students. It easily reaches across the curriculum and grade level standards with hands-on activities and fun projects, including an emergent reader, science experiment, and bald eagle glyph project. It’s great to use with any patriotic or America-themed unit of study. Have fun!”


Stef Swanson: Notable Milestone Achievers
Stef Swanson

9.  Stef Swanson from Colorado

Try her: Sight Word Activities MEGA PACK {14 Activities and Centers}

Her tip: “Help your students become fluent readers and writers of sight words with these engaging activities, games, and literacy centers! The activities found in this pack make it easy for teachers to work with guided reading groups while students are working independently at literacy centers. My students love them!”


Confessions of a Teaching Junkie: Notable Milestone Achievers
Confessions of a Teaching Junkie

10. Teresa Wilson from Arizona runs Confessions of a Teaching Junkie

Try her: Soda Shop Synonyms

Her tip: “I believe that teaching and learning should be fun! I try to make my lessons as interactive and visually appealing as possible. My kids love working along with slide shows and Smart Board activities. Working along on a white board allows them to self-check and get immediate feedback.”


Promoting Success: Notable Milestone Achievers
Promoting Success

11. Shelly Anton from Cedar Falls, Iowa is Promoting Success

Try her: Penguins and Polar Bears Little Book and Activities

Her tip: “TpT is such an amazing resource! Students all learn differently, and, as professionals, we constantly strive to find materials and resources to maximize learning. Perhaps your students learn best manipulating objects in file folder games, or moving around the room with task cards, or even demonstrating concepts with finger puppets. You are sure to find the perfect activity to meet the unique needs of each and every student on TpT!” We agree, Shelly!


Kathryn Willis: Notable Milestone Achievers
Kathryn Willis

12. Kathryn Willis from Georgia

Try her: Third Grade Daily Morning Work Common Core

Her tip: “Daily Spiral review is so important for students to understand and retain information. What better way to ensure student success than with daily morning work or homework that is directly aligned to the Common Core Standards? We implemented this program into our daily classroom and it starts our day out with a structure that students enjoy and also keeps them actively engaged. It’s a quick, easy program that has proven to be effective in our daily learning and is a great cumulative review for standardized testing.”


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