Hello Dear TpT’ers!

I’m just so tickled to be here as the new TpT Site Editor, and appreciate all of the warm welcomes I’ve received to date. Now that I’m settled, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself.

As the new TpT Site Editor, I work very closely with Amy to make Facebook updates, bring blog posts to life, provide newsletter reviews, review Teacher-Author blogs, keep track of milestone achievers, review forum posts, and a host of other editorial jobs I’m not even aware of (yet). That’s because I’m new! I feel blessed to be a part of this awesome team and will do my very best to make sure you all get what you need when you need it.


A few things about me


Nicole - New Site Editor
San Francisco Bay

I’m a California girl and have only lived on the West Coast until recently. In June my husband and I packed up our belongings, boarded our cats, and drove across the country. Don’t worry; our kids flew the cats out after we reached our destination. We arrived in Cape Cod, Massachusetts in June and I started working with TpT in August.

Nicole - New Site Editor
Nobska Light House – Cape Cod

Our kids are grown. They’re both 21, working, and in school. My daughter is an artist and my stepson is a landscaper. I’m very proud of them and miss them every day, but it was time to try something different. And besides, they’ll come to visit.

Nicole - New Site Editor
Family trip to Belize

I used to teach preschool and kindergarten and I love to sing. I put these things together because I sang a lot with and to my kiddos. I’ll burst into song over just about anything (it doesn’t always make sense or sound good!). I sang in choir all through middle school and high school and even traveled with my family up and down the west coast singing in churches. To this day I will grab that karaoke mic out of your hand if you’re not careful!

Nicole - New Site Editor
Me. Singing. What else?

I’m an organic gardener—though I don’t have a garden of my own in our new location yet. Thankfully my mother-in-law does and lets me spend hours in hers. There’s nothing like an heirloom tomato salad with fresh basil right about now with some delicious olive oil and vinaigrette.

Nicole - New Site Editor
Me and my kale

Which brings me to my final revelation. I’d like to be able to say I love working out. But that would be misleading. What I really like is preparing, cooking, and eating delicious food! And thus I work out. I run and swim and do yoga so I can bake that delicious looking raspberry cake and eat it with homemade vanilla ice cream (almost) guilt free. Drool.

Nicole - New Site Editor
Running in Pt. Reyes, CA

So, that’ s me—and I sure look forward to getting to know you all better. What a whirlwind it’s been so far, what with the HUGE back-to-school sale and all of the milestones that came out of that (and before and after!), and the planning of other exciting TpT events. Y’all are THE BEST!

TTFN (ta-ta for now)!


(P.S. from Amy: Here’s another little tidbit for you. More than 10 years ago (oy!) Nicole and I both worked at LeapFrog in California. We didn’t work on the same projects, but we were friendly and I was always impressed by the intelligence, hard work, and consistent good attitude Nicole brought to her team. When I learned she had recently relocated to the East Coast, I thought, is it meant to be? And indeed! It’s been wonderful to have Nicole on board. The best part is she’s thrilled by the creativity and excited for the success of our TpT Teacher-Authors—just like me!)