What’s new at Teachers Pay Teachers? Open the door and see!

We’ve got new digs! Our new office is in the heart of New York’s Soho neighborhood, rich with independent bookstores, great little places to grab a good cup of coffee, and the occasion opportunity for a celebrity sighting.

And we’ve got new team members! Jillian and Risa started this week on our Product team, and Mari started on our Data team to help us make TpT the best place it can be for you and for all teachers. We couldn’t be happier to have them on Team TpT.

Meet Jillian

Jillian from Team TpT

Jillian: “I’m from Long Island and attended college at the University of Massachusetts. My friends would describe me as a planner. I love making plans and doing fun activities around New York City. I’m extremely organized and love to go out for a good meal.”

Working at TpT: “I’m excited to work at TpT because I love making the lives of teachers easier and in return, allowing them to effectively help their students. TpT gives teachers great resources as well as allowing them to showcase their wonderful materials. When a teacher is excited about their classrooms, lesson plans and student’s futures it makes kids excited to learn.

I think being able to work with different groups both inside and outside of my organization will help me in this role. It’s important to be an effective communicator and that is something I learned early on. I also learned to have a ‘can do’ attitude and always be willing to pitch in when needed.”

The new TpT office and team TpT: “The TpT team is extremely friendly and welcoming! It is always nerve-wracking when starting a new position, but TpT was excited to welcome new members into their family, the love was certainly felt. The office is exciting and new. Overall, my first impressions are extremely positive. I am excited to begin this journey on team TpT and am looking forward to all the wonderful things that we will accomplish.”


Meet Risa

Risa from Team TpT

Risa: “I’m still a Texan at heart, having lived most of my teenage and adult life there up to this point. I like to read, travel, hang out with friends and family.”

Working at TpT: “I’m looking forward to being able to make a difference, and build something with a wonderful group of people.

I used to work in consulting, which is a team-based environment where we worked with many different stakeholders. I think that skill will be useful in my current role because it will also interface with many different people/functions. Another non-work related skill, which I learned from studying math in college, is how to iterate complex problems to figure out a solution. I could probably apply the same scientific approach as we figure out processes to help scale the company.”

The new TpT office and team TpT: “Love the team, love the office. First impression, like Karen said, TpT feels like a family.”



 Meet Mari

Mari from Team TpT

Mari: “I am very much a Midwesterner who was attracted by all the city has to offer and forgot to go home. I love to explore the smaller neighborhoods and I love to taste and listen (I love all of types of music) my way through all of the different ethnic enclaves.”

Working at TpT: “I think education is very important — and while I was fond of many of my teachers as a student, I only now understand how difficult educating is as a career as my friends work in classrooms across the country (and the world).
To come into an office where my work might actually make a friend’s day and ultimately make a positive difference in the lives of many others, well, that really excites me!

I started my professional career at Sesame Workshop then moved to Scholastic — both places very focused on children, reading, and education — and I think that kind of positive mission really fuels people. I think my previous experience working in environments filled with people with a like-minded goal will be very helpful as the TpT family grows.

While working in those companies I was very data-focused, aiming always to help those around me do their jobs better by providing data to inform their decisions. My previous position in a small ecommerce startup allowed me to understand how a small team of people must work together and rely on each other to accomplish more, faster. Hopefully I can help spread that cooperative spirit within my new team at TpT.”

The new TpT office and team TpT: “The office is beautiful, a little new but definitely a bright and cheery place that will earn its character over time.

Everyone on the team seems very engaged in their roles and excited to share tips, intuitions, and opinions freely. It’s great to feel like you work in a group where every person can learn something from everyone else.”

We’re here for our teachers, for you. Together we grow.Teachers Pay Teachers Office (photo by Shlomete Yoo)

(Office photo thanks to Shlomete Yoo!)