Please join Paul, John, Amy, and the rest of Team TpT in welcoming our new CEO, Adam Freed

We’re very pleased to share this exciting news with you today. We would like to introduce you to our new TpT CEO, Adam Freed. Please take a moment to read the notes below from Adam, Paul, and John.

-Amy, TpT Head of Community & Editorial


Adam Freed, TpT CEODear TpT Community,

I am so happy to join Teachers Pay Teachers today. I’m indebted to Paul, John, Amy and the rest of the team for their trust and I am excited to get to know as many of you as I can — and as much as I can about the TpT community.

I fell in love with TpT from the moment I met the team and came to understand TpT’s amazing mission to empower teachers. I believe teachers deserve the utmost respect. TpT celebrates the fantastic work that the best educators are doing and it gives teachers a chance to participate economically in the fruits of their labor.

I was lucky enough to go to TpT’s Supercharge Seller Success Conference in Las Vegas in July. Somehow in the dim light of the Venetian hotel, everything that I believed about TpT turned from the intellectual to the emotional. I got to spend time with over 30 Teacher-Authors throughout the day. (Was it really only one day?)

Those teachers inspired me with their stories of how TpT has changed their lives. They enthralled me with the careful crafting that goes into creating content that other teachers need. I was so energized at the end of that day that I found myself walking up and down the Strip thinking about the power of TpT and the incredible possibilities ahead.

In the coming weeks, my first focus will be on learning. TpT Teacher-Authors have spent years building this community and their remarkable TpT stores. They know what has made their work successful and the challenges they face. I’m also excited to reach out to Buyers to understand how TpT helps them teach at their best, what they are looking for, and how we can continue to support all educators.

Thank you so much for your time, for the hospitality you’ve already shown me, and for welcoming me into the TpT fold. I feel a little like the kid who just transferred into a new school mid-semester. I’ll do my best to learn from you and provide help and support as we all work together to make TpT an even-greater success for educators everywhere.

With great anticipation,

Adam, TpT CEO


From John, Team TpT

John Yoo, Team TpTSome of you had the opportunity to meet Adam at our amazing Supercharge Seller Success Conference. He has been an amazing mentor to me, which is why I know he will be a fantastic CEO for TpT. He shares the same passion for empowering teachers. He gets it.

I’m excited to continue giving my all to TpT and doing what I love. I’ll be overseeing TpT’s initiatives around mobile and the digital classroom. This is great news all around. We are adding leadership and carefully putting the pieces in place for continued growth to keep TpT strong and vibrant.


From Paul, TpT Founder

Paul, TpT FounderI hope you’ll agree that TpT is operated by really good people. That tradition continues with today’s announcement. I’m thrilled with Adam stepping into the role of CEO. It’s awesome news.

Adam has been working with us for a little while now and in that short time, John and I have found him to be a great advisor with a true understanding of online marketplaces and a real love for our mission.

He has deep experience in helping companies in fast-growth mode like us. He was COO at and led global teams at Google. After a series of conversations among Adam, John, and myself, we know he will help us continue to grow and help even more teachers around the world.

John’s great new role is really important for TpT’s future. I hope you will all join me in congratulating Adam and John.