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18 November 2021

Teacher Commenting Beta

You can now leave feedback on any assignment your students have turned in! Students will be able to see your feedback once you return the assignment to them for revision. This feature is in Beta, which means that we are continuing to work on it and improve it. Stay tuned for more feedback functionality!


11 October 2021

Audio Clips in Easel

Adding audio clips to Easel

All Premium Sellers + TpT School Access subscribers are now able to upload audio clips to Easel Activities and Assessments, so teachers can make their lessons even more interactive and differentiated to more student needs. Learn more

Only available for Premium Sellers and TpT School Access subscribers. Don’t have TpT SA? Refer your principal.


21 September 2021

Filter by Easel on My Purchases

Filter by Easel on My Purchases

You can now access a new Easel filter from the My Purchases page. Selecting the Easel filter will surface any Easel Activities and Assessments you own that are already prepped and ready to assign to your students directly in Easel.   


10 September 2021

Improvements to My Purchases

Filter by Free or Paid resources on My Purchases

We’ve improved My Purchases by combining Paid and Free tabs into a single page, so you can access all of your resources you own in one place. We’ve also added a new Price filter so you can continue to access resources that were Paid vs. Free Downloads from this page.


18 August 2021

Manage your roster and licenses, all in one place!

Add teachers via CSV file or individually

Admins: from your combined Roster and License Management page, you can now add and remove teachers from your account and adjust how you’ve distributed your licenses, without toggling between pages. Take a look and make sure your roster and license limits are up-to-date.

Only admins can see the roster and licenses.


11 August 2021

Easel awarded Digital Promise

Easel awarded the Digital Promise Product Certification

Easel Activities has been awarded the Research-Based Design Product Certification, a rigorous, reliable signal that Easel’s tools are rooted in learning science research. Learn more.


9 August 2021

More fonts and colors!

More fonts and unlimited colors in Easel

All Premium Sellers and TpT School Access customers now have access to 30 fonts and unlimited colors to further enhance and customize their Easel Activities.

Only available for Premium Sellers and TpT School Access subscribers. Don’t have TpT SA? Refer your principal.


29 July 2021

Canvas integration with Easel

Canvas is now integrated with Easel

Teachers can assign Easel Activities and have students complete them, all within Canvas. Here’s how it works:

1. When creating an assignment in Canvas, teachers can find, select, and embed Easel Activities they’ve accessed through their School Access subscription. 

2. Then, students can complete the activity in Canvas, without needing to log in to Easel.

Learn more about how to set up this integration here.

At launch, Canvas integration is only available for School Access subscribers. Don’t have SA? Refer your principal.


16 July 2021

Improved My Product Listings

The new My Product Listings page

All Sellers will now see a new and improved My Product Listings page. Updates include a modernized look and feel that is consistent with other parts of our site experience, improved filters, streamlined product layouts, and more! 


27 April 2021

View students’ in-progress work

View in progress student work in Easel by TpT

See what your students are working on at any given moment, and revisit returned student work directly on TpT for any of your Easel Activities and Assessments. Learn more


26 April 2021

Movable shapes and images

Movable shape in Easel by TpT

Easel now has movable shapes and images. You and your students can now add your own images to your activities and enhance your resources with all kinds of virtual manipulatives, sorting exercises, “stickers,” and more.

Set which shapes, images, and text will be movable by students, while the resource (including text boxes) and your edits stay locked, so students only interact with what you want. Learn more.

♥ Thank you for all you do, teachers