New Features in Easel

We’re excited to share new features available in Easel by TpT™! We’ve listened to your input over the last few months and have developed additional features — including the ability to view students’ in-progress work and to add images — that should better help you, and educators everywhere, to differentiate and provide timely feedback for your students. 

If you aren’t already using Easel, getting started is easy! Read this blog post for steps on how to use Easel or try this in-depth video tutorial.

Viewing Students’ In Progress Work in Easel

This has been one of the most requested features we’ve heard from you, the TpT community — the ability to see what your students are working on at any given moment after you’ve assigned them an Easel Activity. And now you can! 

Just go to the “Assign & Review” page of the activity you want to review, and you will be able to see each student’s status. You can click on the name of a student who has a status of “In Progress” and see what they’ve accomplished so far. Click “Refresh” at any time to see the latest work from your students. 

You’ll be in a “View Only” mode, so you won’t be able to communicate directly in the activity while the student is still working — but being able to view will help you figure out who might need added support and who is reaching comprehension. 

And you’ll now be able to see a copy of student work that has a status of “Returned” as well. So, after you grade and send feedback, you can always see what you have already with your students.

Adding Images to Easel Activities

Another request “by popular demand” — you and your students can also add images to your Easel Activities! This allows you, the teacher, to unlock all kinds of possibilities for virtual manipulatives, labeling and sorting exercises, fun ways to grade with “stickers”, and more.

To add an image, just click the “Image” icon on the annotation toolbar in “Prepare” mode, upload the files you want to use. Please note that supported files types must end in .png, .jpg, or .gif. Once you’ve selected your image, you can rotate or crop it, and then insert it into your Easel Activity.

Here are some fun ways teachers have been using this already:

  • Sorting images of animals into their categories.
  • Labeling the states on a map of the United States.
  • Moving images of numbers to complete an equation based on an image.

In Case You Missed It! More New Features in Easel

  • You can share an assignment with students in any LMS using a link.
  • You can set shapes, images, and text to “movable” by students. They can move them, but can’t delete or resize! 

Are you ready to try these new features? 


If you have a TpT School Access subscription, get started with Easel here.

*LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Only upload content you own or have the right to use with our platform.