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Well we are almost there… this is the time where we become anxious and excited for the summer months to recharge and relax. I start seeing the summer countdowns in classrooms and all across social media. I love the idea that the excitement of summer is in the air. You might be fibbing if you say you’re not a tiny bit excited!
Many of us are not even close to prepping or thinking about next school year. We are just trying to survive the last few weeks of school. I don’t know if it’s challenging for you, but I know for me the last few weeks get tough with coming up with creative new lessons and behavior management techniques. However, the feeling of summer just makes my smile a little brighter!

Over the years I have used a simple system that helps me wrap up the end of the school year successfully and also helps me get a head start for the next school year. Now, I hope you are NOT wondering, “Why in the world would I want to think about next year?” Why not? Are you the type of person who is able to whip it all together right before “Meet the Teacher?” I wish I was but I’m not! Well, if you’re like me… you’ve been obsessing already about what your classroom theme will be next year, what professional books you want to read over the summer, what courses you want to take for PD hours! Right? Well, hopefully I can help you with some of those things.

Some Popular Classroom Decor DREAM ideas: Nautical Theme {everything beachy – wouldn’t it be fabulous to see this fun decor all year long?}, Superhero {young kids are really pumped up with these theme; it just makes for a fun super year}, Sports {this is one my school had, and it’s fun to create teams and other fun events with this theme}, Rockstar Theme {who doesn’t want to be a rock star all year?}. Of course there are the upper themes that are so cute {chevron, polka dots, bright colors, chalkboard traditional}.

Professional Books I want to read: The Passionate Teacher and The Passionate Learner by Robert Fried, The Reading Strategies Book by Jennifer Serravallo, The Unstoppable Writing Teacher by M. Colleen Cruz

PD courses I am interested in taking: I am focusing on more dyslexia courses to assist me with my struggling learners as this is my focus with my groups. I’m also looking at writing courses offered through the Houston area. I’m also going to be teaching a few Introduction to Writing Workshop courses to teachers in the Houston area! I’m excited to meet many new teachers!

Reminder…. you must remember to relax and enjoy your time, but when you have some downtime these may come in handy in planning and prepping for your new year! If you’re like me, you want the beginning of the school year to be easy and smooth, so these may help you!
Some tools I use to help me set goals and plan out everything are charts and calendars. I plan out my back to school decor shopping lists and also my classroom shopping list with these teacher resources, free to download here.
Calendars I use in the months of May, June, July, and August that help me monthly to set goals of what I want to accomplish {PD hours, reading, starting to purchase items}.

Thanks for stopping by! Some of the resources you may be interested in can be found in my TpT store. I have many items in my Back to School Section of my store if you are interested in previewing!


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