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Never underestimate the importance of teaching routines. In every classroom and every grade level… but ESPECIALLY in Kindergarten. And in Kindergarten, we teach them, model them, practice them, talk about them for, oh… 180 days (give or take a few) and just when you think they have it….. BAM! Nope, back to the drawing board and you teach, model, and practice them again. 
A few years ago, I was moved to Kindergarten after teaching in intermediate for eight years. And let me tell you: I TOTALLY did not prepare myself for teaching all of these things… I remember thinking, “Don’t they know how to get A paper towel (i.e. not 500) when they wash their hands?” NOPE. You’ve got to teach them! 
And so… I made this list of all of the routines and procedures that I teach my Kinders every year. 
This list could also work just fine for 1st graders too (because we know they forget over that long summer break!)! 
routines and procedures for kindergarten, back to school kindergarten





I put the list on a clipboard, and highlight them as I go. 
I hope you find it useful in your Back to School Planning!
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First Day of Kindergarten Lesson Plans… HELLO sanity saver! 🙂

I have used the Name Activities in my classroom for a few years now, and the Printable Pack is printed and ready to go as we speak! First few weeks are done! 🙂

Back to School Printable Pack for the First Weeks of Kindergarten


Name Activities for the beginning of the school year
Enjoy your summer, teachers! 
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