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The “TpT Hearts Teachers” sale is in full effect! We hope you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy inside as we celebrate just how awesome, incredible, and outstanding teachers really are.

TpT Hearts Teachers Sale

It’s evident you work extremely hard each day to ensure everything is set for you and your students. But it’s an all-too-human thing that sometimes you just don’t realize you need something until you actually need it… whether it be a sub packet for the morning you wake up with the virus of all viruses or an ice breaking activity when your new class doesn’t quite click.

Now, with so many resources deeply discounted for a short time, is the perfect opportunity to add certain key items to your repertoire so you can start to get super set for next year. There’s really no better feeling than being prepared and because TpT Hearts Teachers so much, we want to make sure you feel your best every single day. (As far as the inevitable winter virus goes… well, you’re on your own with that one). Here’s how the sale works.

6 Must-Have Classroom Resources: Get ’em Now, Thank Yourself Later…

1. Be Prepared With Classroom Rules
Right from the start of the school year, set the tone for kindness, respect, cooperation, and positive communication. Hang colorful posters and reminders throughout your classroom. Or get kids excited by encouraging them to sign written contracts. Consider going beyond paper with catchy songs and chants about positive ways to treat teachers and peers. You’ll find it all on TpT.

2. Own a Few Good Ice Breaker Activities
The first day of school. The arrival of a new student. The return from a long break. Lots of occasions call for fun and entertaining activities to intrigue, relax, or energize your group of students. Be sure you’ve got the perfect one on hand for when the mood in your classroom is just a little bit lackluster.

3. Ensure You’re Set With Substitute Teacher Packets and Guides
When you wake up this winter with a heavy head, aches all over, and a belly that feels like it’s been through the wringer, you’ll thank your lucky stars you have substitute resources all ready. TpT has so many great options to get subs prepped including binders complete with areas for teachers to fill in student rosters, seating charts, schedules, specials by day of the week, fire drill rules, and much more. And don’t forget about emergency lesson plans and activities to keep students focused and on task throughout the day.

4. Have Ho-Ho-Holiday Resources on Hand
Kids love celebrating holidays (maybe even as much as teachers!) But these special days can really sneak up on you! Be holiday-ready with crafts, activities (or craftivities!) as well as literacy lessons, math games, and more for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and almost every occasion in between. Plus, keep your classroom changing with the seasons thanks to the great variety of Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer resources available on TpT!

5. Build a Collection of Awards and Certificates
Children thrive on positive reinforcement! Don’t miss the opportunity to congratulate your students for their extraordinary efforts, outstanding work, perfect attendance, random acts of kindness, and other noteworthy behaviors. Be right there and ready with some tangible recognition for a job well done.

6. Get New Resources Hot Off the Press
Be a trendsetter! TpT Teacher-Authors have been hard at work churning out new products. Now’s the perfect time to purchase fresh-from-the-oven (fresh-from-the-computer?) creations and be one of the first to feature them in your classroom. You’ll be a hero amongst your students! Check out these newly posted resources to keep kids engaged through the end of the year and excited to keep on learning into the summer! Or check out TpT’s Top Sellers in a variety of grade ranges. Click into any of their fabulous stores, then choose “Most Recent” in the dropdown menu. And there you have it: The freshest, most recent products they’ve put up on TpT!

Go ahead. Give yourself the gift of preparation and peace of mind. Who can put a price on that? Well, actually we can, kind of. Up to 28% off through Thursday, May 8, 11:59 p.m. ET. Wahoo!